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Comment from Katie Pappas🌱:

#peace #love #high #energy #joy Hope you are having a great day. Feeling ready to meet my tribe and those beings that can connect with my heart. I know many here are stuck and it sucks Know that it all gets good once we listen to our intuition and stop the judging. Yes many of my posts hurt, truth and change in a different mindset does tent to do that. Cognitive dissonance. All my life I’ve desires harmony not all this lying. So I have been doing as I felt called to shine a light on the buttface actions of old time. Here to bring about a kind heart paradigm that speaks love through correction towards positive action. I am full of compassion for you all. Yes I know the anger, many of you have heard it. It was at the time needed to change myself and to punish the old me really for all that I speak on I used to be. The anger only serves to fire up the insides so to be reborn anew. I was programmed to not care for myself just as the illusion matrix would have the mass. I do not live being part of a herd I’m here to be uniquely me just as you are to be you too. We all have a peace inside that wants to shine bright. Often I get lit only to have others take that energy since I tend to have denied my intuition and this has had me going up and down this last year figuring my shit out. Personal dramas will continue to be triggered as long as we don’t deprogram our minds and reconfigure our hearts to align with unconditional love. What others do is NOT my responsibility but it is my response ability to notice the anger and where it comes from. I can not make anyone see as I, only can I share my truth as I personally see it. I love you all even if your actions are not what I would do for we are all on a journey and yours is here for you! I only share what has helped me to be. This is after all a spiritual path that is a different ray of light for each being. I am dreaming of a time when we all let out our light shine and harmoniously unite. For this the only demon we must fight is inside our bodies and mind. This snake that says we can take and use and abuse ourselves through the thoughts we think and the actions we do must be overcome on our own.

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Comment from Lexiiii ❤:

Friday date night with @dannyreed5! I wouldn't trade our gym dates for anything. ❤ 30 mins of cardio on the crossramp tonight & got my steps in at a local festival today - happy to report I stayed away from all the fried foods where as before I ate my body weight in all the foods (it basically revolves around the food)! We are going to a family wedding tomorrow and may have our cheat/treat meal for the week, but either way we will go to the wedding with a plan ahead of time for our goals. Active rest day on sunday for us also. Weve found by planning our weekend workouts ahead of time it keeps us accountable. Have a healthy weekend everyone! #gym #anytimefitness #swolemates #swolemate #fattofit #obesetobeast #beastmode #gymdate #fitcouple #relationshipgoals #couplegoals #love #fatgirlfedup #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #motivation #fitnessmotivation #dietbet #fedup #weightlossjourney #weightloss #healthyeating #healthylifestyle

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Comment from Julia:

Oi boa noite tchau e só pra falar isso mesmo dps apago nene

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Comment from Steve Belt 🤙🏼:

Coffee time... ❤️

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