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Comment from Travel In Style:

Orlando Florida will be my new home come January. Been in Seattle for three years now and my time has finally come to an end. Living in Sea town has been an amazing teacher about life. It has broken me and built me back up more than I can count. I’m ready to rock it in #OrlandoFlorida. If you haven’t yet, click the link in the bio at a chance to win 1 bitcoin worth $4000.00 or more. Only 8 more days so get your entries in. 🤙🤙🤙 Photo by: @timhoon

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Comment from Carlos Moreno:

Yankees flying to World Series 2017!!!

25 Minutes ago

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lol Told My Little Brother Flex on Them Don't Never Get Tired 😂The✌🏾 #Me #Hardhead

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Comment from Spencer:

First episode is 🆙 !! Link in the bio and DL AudioBoom for the weekly rants and thoughts my brother and I will share ! Video will be up later today 😎

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