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Having fun with my only little sibling

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I got to spend the entire day (interruption free) with the most beautiful woman on the planet... Happiest of birthdays @shobhahontas! You spoil me rotten every single day. It was so nice to try to spoil you for 24 hrs. I in turn also had the best day. Tanks to all who sent in your video messages. You know who you are. Also please check out @ilpostinoristorante it’s amaaaaazing. 😊❤️🐱🍳🥓🎂🍷🍝🎸💈🍆

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Me too: A small way of showing agreement and appreciation for the speaker, without taking the spotlight from them and what they have to say. A simple way of addressing your similarity, adding your voice to the conversation. The spotlight doesn't move, it only grows larger, because you stand parallel with them. With what they have to say. • In the past two days, it may have seemed more complicated than this. Because the simplicity of the words don't reflect the simplicity of the issue. But truly, it is simple. Millions of women are standing parallel under the spotlight of the same nauseating conversation. The similarities are everywhere. The conversation, the spotlight, is growing rapidly. It should be easy to see now, to understand. • The words are small, but the spotlight on the issue... the spotlight raining down on the experiences of my sisters, my friends, family, loved ones, stangers.. it is large. Devastatingly large. It's shining, bright, hot, and heavy yesterday, today, and hopefully tomorrow and the next day, too. It drips with tears, with blood, with sweat, with anxiety, fear, anger, doubt, confusion, and loneliness. And even though it burns hot, even though it may hurt, they're still standing. They're adding their voice. But not only that. They're encouraging others to come stand in the spotlight with them. To feel stronger, brighter, more powerful, together. And the beauty in this collective moment shines brighter than the sun. It's a light no one can put out, with their judgements and insensitivities, with their belittling and misunderstanding, with their assumptions and arrogance. • Today, I felt moved to step into the spotlight with them. And it feels warmer here.. Safer here.. In the spotlight.. Out of the dark and shadows of my past.. Holding hands with women from around the world in my present.. Women who understand.. Who understand me - me, too. • Me too.

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it's body confidence day. 🌼If you have been following me for awhile, you will know this has been the year of body confidence for me. I never knew that my body would become the subject of international media like CNN, TIME, Vogue Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, and the list goes on. This taught me that being confident in the body we are in is an international problem. Regardless of where we are from, we are taught to question ourselves and try to change who we are to fit a norm created by society. We are told we are too fat, too skinny, too curvy, our boobs are too big, our boobs are too small, our butts are too round, our butts are too flat, our thighs are too thick, our thighs have no muscle definition..... WHAT IS ACTUALLY IMPORTANT is that we LOVE OURSELVES FOR WHO AND WHAT WE ARE. Our bodies will change. That happens. But it is so crucial to accept where we are and know that life throws challenges and obstacles our way that can impact the physical body others see. Our bodies do SO MANY AMAZING things!!!! Love it for everything it is, not for what you feel it is not. And know that the most important person to seek approval from, to be better for, to love, and to look up to for inspiration is the person looking back at you in the mirror. #perfectlyyou #confidentlybeautiful

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Our company is growing and we are hiring. Scroll through for a list of attributes and skills required if you're interested. We are looking to add another social media producer and manager for a 3-month project. DM me if you or someone you know could fit the description. Location is no matter 😎 ✌ . . . . . . #contentmarketing #marketer #contentmarketer #smallbusiness #bigbusiness #STL #USA #earth #stlbiz #internetmarketing #marketing #digitalmarketing #socialmediamarketing #storytelling #storyteller #writers #writersofinstagram #relationshipgoals #creative #creatives #hardwork #hustlers #werehiring #imigcommunications #workharder #engagingcontent #creativeboutique #marketingdigital #wordofmouth #branding

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Doing what I love, and having a damn good time while doing it. ✌🏽

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