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Ever woken up in the middle of the night and realized you only had a few more hours til your alarm and you got so bummed you struggled to go back to sleep? 😅 Me - last night - except I didn't feel bummed. I started to just because I was tired AF 😆🤣! But I felt excited and grateful for what my day was going to bring, what I was waking up to & working towards; which wasn't always the case. During college I was seriously freaking out that THAT might be the rest of my life. Just anxious about doing something I didn't love. I went to interviews and explored my options but something was still missing. I was still working on my fitness & lifestyle game (ALWAYS AM) but this gave me accountability, support and PURPOSE to keep going 🙏🏼 a way to give the girls who struggled like me some answers 🥂 i just saw a brighter path, one that involved trying for MORE & getting better every day. The way you give back and grow your life exponentially through this is by growing yourself and growing with others 🤜🏼🤛🏼 I've learned to care less about what other people might think of me & care more about whether I'm living my full potential and doing my own thang. Everything I know now, I learned. I had no idea how to create a full time business from my phone, lead others towards their goals, lead myself to my own and the all time scary 😱post on social media😱 but I learned it all, I was taught and I got better every day. It was scary, (still is some days) but the other reality I saw in my future felt far scarier 🤢😶🙅🏽 I'm grateful every day for whatever "hard" comes my way 💕 I'm here to chat if you're feeling the case of the Mondays. This freedom didn't come over night & I work hard for it every day, but it damn well DID start from just needing that hole filled. Needing more good vibes around me, accountability, giving back & bringing in more SUPPORT 🤜🏼🤛🏼 for others and just getting better 🙏🏼 I'm here girl cause while no one can do this for you, we can do this TOGEDDA 🤸🏽‍♀️👭 • • • • #wanderwoman #bartenderlife #saturdaysareforthegirls #champagneallday #browneyedgirl #longlocks #totaltransformation #lifelesson #freedomlife #soinlovewithhim #sunshinegirl #flo

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How quickly life changes. 5 years ago I could never have imagined being a mother but here you are. You are the greatest gift I've ever received. I can only pray that I teach you well enough to follow your dreams, never give up, and never let anyone tell you "No" Xena Rose you are my world and I thank God every day for your beautiful spirit! ❤️ #myhappiness #silly #beautifulgirl #toddlersofinstagram #browneyedgirl #myworld #park #xena #xenarose #followyourdreams #youaremysunshine #stopgrowing #mida

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This girl and her face expressions!!! Rocking some of our favorite sun yellow accessories! 🌞

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Happiness looks gorgeous on you♡

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