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•SP2 Instax Printer Share• √High Resolution 800x600 √Print photos from mobile phone √Instant printing 💛Save your memories💛 #fujifilmmyanmar #mm

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Comment from Rayvon Owens:

October 28th it goes down!Ima be performin all 10 tracks from my new project, ANueroNarrative in Downtown Portland at Kelley's Olympian. It will be AVAIABLE ON ALL DIGITIAL PLATFORMS THE DAY AFTER ON OCTOBER 29!Major S/O to @officialglmg for hosting me through the experience as well as the process. Come out and show some love! I got tickets if U need em, only $10. It's been a long time comin... #NuerroNarrative #MM #NN #JAH #PSYCHE

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Progres yg lama juga hihi #custom guitar replicka #mm majesty

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Aaron didn't get injured til ea came out with Aaron Rodgers showstopper, foreseeing that Aaron Rodgers show would stop....Coincedence I think not! . . #mm #maddenmobile #madden

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--{ OC x V }-- - - Evangeline never understood photography but knew it was a beautiful art and could capture so much in a simple click of a camera if the photographer is good enough. Yet, she had never been asked by anyone "Can I take a photo of you?". When Jihyun, or V as many others call him/her, had asked to take a picture of her, she didn't know exactly what to say. The snow colored haired girl chuckled a bit, her cheeks turning a light shade of rosey pink as she looked to the bluenette. "A picture? Of me? Why?" she had questioned, in belief a picture of her would look meaningless and dull compared to the other photos he/she had taken before. - - #mmoc #mm #mysticmessenger #mysticmessengerroleplay #mysticmessengerrp #rp #mysticmessengeroc #oc

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Comment from mercy placencio:

#EscuchandoConsejosSabios✔ Un día una Sra amiga muy sabía me dijo lo sgte: - En esta vida existen dos tipos de personas cerca de ti; la 1era son las que sienten tu dolor como el suyo y lloran contigo y la 2da las que ven tu dolor y se gozan por ello... ¡De ellas cuidate siempre! #OroPorEllas_y_LasBendigo ¡Sí que lo aprendí y lo viví!... Pero de algo que también aprendí y más se una vez lo viví es que cuando te depositas en las Manos de Dios, Èl mismo te guarda de ese tipo de personas y te defiende. #DiosEsFiel_Real_y_Verdadero 🔥💕🔥 #MM 🌼

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