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Spark the Conversation @bikersforautism ・・・ Let's be honest, EVERYONE needs a thick comfy go-to hoody for the winter!! These custom, high quality hoods come in grey or black and stock definitely won't last long. Head over to an use the promo code sparktheconversation upon checkout to receive 10% off your entire order. . By purchasing and wearing our clothing not only will you will be advocating and supporting families and individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, you are directly contributing to a plethora of tremendous community initiatives such as @autismsurfsup @littleheroeshockey @pacificautism @musicheals_ca #MusicTherapyStudio and our very own #RespiteNight #BFAWishDay programs. . Producer: @alexandrasthompson Lead Photographer: @The_Chris_Woods // 2nd Photographer: @czuckermann Model: @liamnhowe @jamesianbaker Hairstylist: @kirstdonald Makeup artists: @Makeuplass @anavbeauty . . #SparkTheConversation #LookBadDoGood #WeGotYourBack #Awareness #Acceptance #Inclusion #1in68 #BikersForAutism #repost

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As you go through the process of healing, drops stones _ Drop a stone at the accomplishment that seems too small to count _ Drop a stone at the accomplishment that seems too big to capture _ For each stone dropped holds a space in time for you to look back on and remember what you are capable of _ When the process comes to an end, you won't see the sizes of the accomplishments. You will see moments of perseverance💎

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You might be a container of opposites, totally confident and completely unsure, strong and frail, wise and naive. Whoever you are, whatever you've done, you deserve to be loved with the tenacity of the Milky Way. You might have rolls and cellulite, idiosyncrasies and insecurities, a thought that pure too big or too small, too much or not enough. Blah blah blah. Play this new tape: Self Love is the Best Love ❤️ Today is National Body Confidence Day (not to mention National Face Your Fears + Wear Something Gaudy Day). I am the only me on this planet 🌎 • totally human and completely divine, too. Today I accept myself and strut my spirit with some sass along with a hefty dose of surrender. Perfectly imperfect, I am. A novice and a master, quiet and loud, turned around and right on time, nervous and empowered. I am me and I choose love in spite of and because of all my human messiness. Love: It paves the way for miracles... let's go peeps. #imperfectlyperfect #selflove #surrender #human #onestepatatime #gratitude #gaudy #human #woman #create #destiny #nationalwearsomethibggaudyday #nationalfaceyourfearsday #nationalbodyconfidenceday #romance #acceptance #grace #compassionkindness #courage #reinventionandrecovery @arabella__louise @joelosteen @louise_hay_affirmations

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It is Day 211 of #321DaysofAcceptance from #generationG! Today we meet the incredible Aiden from GiGi's Playhouse McHenry County "GiGi's Playhouse was the support system we needed to process the diagnosis and hear that we were not alone and most importantly that what and how we were feeling was normal. Through Open Play and LMNOP we have seen our son, Aiden thrive. He has observed and learned to communicate through sign language and sounds as he explores with music and play. He enjoys interacting with his friends as well as therapists and volunteers at GiGi's Playhouse. Aiden has grown miles in his short 2 years." Aiden's awesome mom, Valerie. Aiden wants to tell the world "I am not limited by my extra chromosome. I live my life knowing my ability is stronger than my disability!" Help us spread the mission of ACCEPTANCE today by sharing this post and letting Aiden know you believe in him and love what he has to offer the world! #acceptance #everyday365 #rockthe21 #morealikethandifferent #nothingdownaboutit #theluckyfew #gigisplayhouse #T21

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Happiness is: ▪Morning walks with good friends ▪Kind words from the maker of the best coffee shots ( @rach714sup ) that create the best iced coffees ▪Surprise visits from the best man in my life (my daddy) ▪Miss three sleeping for 12 hours straight overnight, and in her own bed ▪Being a mother ▪Accepting that not everyone is honest ▪Avoiding people who only pretend to have good intentions ▪A WAY OF LIFE #life #happiness #happinessisawayoflife #morningwalks #friends #thebestdaddy #icedcoffee #fullnightsleep #mumlife #acceptance #honesty #avoidance #smiles #positivity #northisthebestdirection #keepitnorth

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5 years ago/freshmen year of college?! Just saw this and honestly felt annoyed with how happy and innocent I look lol. I had a sunnier disposition back then (much like my natural hair color). But I love the new me. The hot mess me. The humbled me. And every other phase of "me." We can't resent our past naivety...nor tough experiences...without resenting who they made us today. Every moment and mistep matters. #grateful #transformationtuesday

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Have you ever gone deaf during a workout because of how hard your heart was pounding out of your damn ears?? 👂🏼💀😫I guess that's what happens when you don't workout for almost 2 weeks and you eat lots of pizza, cookies, and queso (not all at once even though I'm not totally against that). 🍕🍪🧀💩

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