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Comment from Emily K Weddings:

Happy Monday Evening - big announcement! I'm now counting down the days until my next adventure! The time has come to leave London, after been here for 6 years and move back up to good old Yorkshire. However, before we do, my husband and I are going on an adventure around South America. Taking the opportunity of doing it while we can, not questioning if we should but taking the leap and going for it. Life is too short not to grasp opportunities with both hands and to live your life as one big adventure. I'll still be taking consultations whilst I'm away and answering emails as and when I get internet but bear with me. Come with me on my adventure, check out my blog posts and Instagram while I'm away for updates on all things weddings and travel style! 🌎💫💕😊 . . . . #adventure #lifelive #lifeistooshort #wanderlust #southamerica #travel #gotravel #backpacking #love #theworldisbeautiful #makethemostofit #weddingplannerabroad #travels #adventures #marriedlife #yorkshirelass #yorkshirelassaboard #lego #legobride #getmarried #lovelife #goforit #justagirlwhodecidedtogoforit

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Day 16: The One with the Interval 🎬 Today we were up and out to be actual tourists. First stop was the Kings Palace 🏰 📵 So much history there with the Royal Massacre only being 16years ago. The decor was not to mine and Helenas taste as they had animal heads at every turn 😮 After a bite to eat 🍕on Kathmandu's main stretch we headed back towards Thamel and stopped along the way in The Gardens of Dreams 🌸. Such a mindful place, we sat for what seemed like hours just enjoying a 🍻with the surrounding sounds and beautiful gardens. This evening we met up with @invinciblesidd and @bizayrai to go to the cinema, yes it was in English 😂 I was convinced we'd be sitting for 2hours not having a clue what was going on! 🙄 but best of all, cinemas here have intervals 😂 that's right, a 10minute break! Lesson of the Day: When out of Thamel, people will stare 👀 just like in India! 👊🏼 not only stare but full on have a conversation about you! So rude!!! Trying to keep our cool is tough! 😒 Bonus travel tip: You can't play cards in The Garden of Dreams 🃏 saw 3lads told to leave today as they wouldn't stop playing! Bazar.. . . . #travel #traveltheworld #backpackers #backpacking #asia #nepal #kathmandu #kingspalace #history #gardenofdreams #scenery #peaceful #canttakeaseriousphoto #cousins #picoftheday #like4like #follow4follow #twofuglyducks

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Comment from GoldenTravelAdvice:

On your first day in San Ignacio, which is located in the Cayo District, you should go and discover the Xunantunich Maya Ruins 👌👟🌴 It is a drive that tales about 20-30 mintues to get there ⌚️ ➡️You can go to the San Ignacio Busstation, and take the bus that says 'Benque' 🚌 It cost around 1,5 BZD (0,75$) pr. person for one way. You can also go by Taxi, which cost around 10 BZD (5$) for 2 people one way 🚕💰In both cases, you will be left off infront of the 'ferry', that takes you to the other side of the river ⛵️From there it's about a mile walk up hill. When you reach the entrance building you pay 10 BZD pr. person (5$) 💰 It is a beautiful og interesting sight, so you should definitely go there 🌏😎 #sanignacio #xunantunich #xunantunichruins #mayaruins #sight #sightseeing #mustdo #mustsee #ruins #maya #exploring #travel #backpacking #backpacker #budget #goldentraveladvice #experience

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Comment from Daniela Hu:

And at the end of the day your feet should be dirty your hair messy and your eyes should be sparkling ❤ #throwback to that one time in Sri Lanka, when we were standing in the back of a jeep on the way to yet another adventure and there was nothing else to do but feeling happy and free, with no worries on my mind and a big smile across my face (you can't really see it, but I am smiling 😅)🌴🍉🐕🐒🌞

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