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Comment from CALM Body and Home:

✨ '...if you have an impulse to act on a goal, you must move within five seconds or your brain will kill the idea...'✨ . ✨ so who has either read or acted on Mel Robbins 5 second rule? I'd love to know! Thank you @melrobbinslive 👌

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Comment from Loving Myself Loudly:

💖Say it with us now... • ✨"I hereby solemnly swear I will NOT compare myself to a stranger on Instagram!"✨ • Comparison will only ever hurt you, and here's why... YOU were not meant to be ANYONE but YOU! So the more you compare & pit yourself against others the more unfair it is to yourself & them. You are unique, talented & wildly amazing, and your life should be exactly that... YOURS! You will never amount to anyone else, so stop trying! Stop wishing it, dreaming if, lusting after it, and instead veg really good and being you, and growing as yourself. The only comparison that should ever be made is between who you are now vs who you were yesterday 💜 • Just be YOU Babe💋 #lovingmyselfloudly • 📷 @woman2womben

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Comment from Louise Martin:

Be true to you.

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Comment from Amanda Giroux:

If you can't be part of the solution, at least don't add to the problem. Xo

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Comment from Patricia Kallidis:

We gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience. So take your time, and appreciate everything that comes your way. This can only make you stronger.

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Comment from Vegangirl 🌱:

❤️ Talk to Yourself like you would to someone you love. ❤️

1 Hours ago

Just finished reading 'Red Moon' by Miranda Gray. Highly recommend it for anyone wishing to look at and reflect on women's cyclical nature. It talks about how to harness our energy, or particular spiritual and creative powers at different times, and how to care for ourselves in the best way throughout the month. As so much of this ancient wisdom has not been available to us we need to reclaim and embody this knowledge to show our society how we want to live. We don't necessarily fit into the pre-existing model. This new way of being has to come from us! By being true to our nature we become more balanced and happier women. It's time for a new story... 💗 📸 Womb, Opacity Series (2015) by me @parisackrillart ... Prints available to buy. #mothernature #women #menstruation #periods #periodtalk #cycles #cyclical #archetypes #empowerment #feminism #energy #emotion #energy #goddesses #womenscircle #nature #betruetoyou #empoweryourself #reflection #love #selflove #selfcare #spirituality #art #artist #picoftheday #instapic

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Comment from Bhavini:

There's no other place that makes my heart more at peace than the time spent in nature. The energies of Mother Nature fulfill the soul with positive energy. It doesn't matter if it's the ocean, the desert or the mountains. Nature makes you wonder if you should walk away or try harder. I may not know the path I'm supposed to take but I'm willing to wait, try harder and see what life has in store. #loveyou #lovelife #liveyouradventure #nature #mountains #desert #betruetoyou #bestrong #beyou #standtall

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Comment from Jennifer Broome:

When you start to feel like YOU again..... 🌴💗

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Comment from Bhavini:

Being good enough is ingrained in our minds during childhood years. Growing up never being enough is never what a child should ever have to go through. Tell your babies they are good enough the way they are. We all have flaws teach them to embrace what they cannot change and learn how to cope with it. I can make a long list of not good enough but you know I've learned to be enough for me. #betruetoyou #bestrong #youareenough #liveyouradventure #lovelife #loveyou

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Comment from Blessings by Libby:

Be BOLD Be STRONG Be KIND Be FEARLESS Be COMPASSIONATE Be GENEROUS Be COURAGEOUS Be GENTLE Be YOU! 💚 Have a safe & blessed weekend 💖😇🙏🏻 #betruetoyou #beyou #blessingsbylibby

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