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Comment from The Black Detour:

Why do you think some black people get upset when another black person advocates for black people to date/marry black people only? Are you offended or feel some type of way when you see a successful Black man or woman dating or married to someone outside of their race? #BlackNews #Blackunity #ProudToBeBlack #RelationshipsGoals #BlackLove #QuestionOfTheDay #Blackexcellence #Marriage #Divorce #blackloveisbeautiful #Relationships #BlackGirlMagic #BlackWomenPoppin #Blackmillennials #TheBlackDetour #BlackBoyJoy #Blacklovematters #Blkcreative #Melanin #BlackPride #Blackprivilege #Socialcomentary #BlackCulture #Interracialdating #ebony #unapologeticallyblack #BlackEmpowerment

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Comment from Rome215:

#Repost @therealremyredd When will we wake up to the disrespect. When will we saw hell no y’all not getting a dime from me. This is so wrong in so many ways. Teaching young girls to hate their skin. Not my daughter y’all stupid if you think I am going to let them kill her love for herself. #Repost @17thsoulja5 ・・・ So y’all still mad at #dove what about #niveausa ......... what is this obsession about fair skin 🤷🏽‍♂️ Love your Skin black women no matter what shade you are. Hold your head high knowing you are a goddess. Never allow any one to take your shine from you. Don’t let NO ONE JUDGE YOU WITH EUROPEAN EYES. I love my Queens - I love Black Women, not just for their bodies. Even though y'all look amazing from head to ankles(Not a foot man lol). Know, for all the things that most seem to forget. I love my Queens, cause a hug from a woman can change your whole day. I love my Queens cause when my day is hard, she will listen and tell me it will be ok. I love my Queens, for you are the strongest. You bring life into this world. Carry on the weight of a life, not just for the 9 months of our birth. From everyday that we walk on this earth. I love my Queens, you're my back bone when I am weak. You cook, clean, and teach. You don't take a day off from your job cause you are Queens everyday of the week. I love my Queens. I love how soft you are and how you smell so sweet. Yet, how hard you can be when I can't be reached. I love my Queens, How good it feels to wake up next to you and see that smile. I love my Queens, you take time to remember all that we forgot. I love my Queens cause you are my friend, my wife, my girlfriend, my sister, my partner, my homie, my teammate, my teacher, my boss, my lover, my doctor, the list goes on. I love my Queens, so today and everyday I thank you. For everything you do everyday of the week. I love my Queens, thank you. #LuvIsBlack #Queen #BlackQueens #BeautifulBlackWoman #IndependentBlackWoman #RespectMyQueen #HealOurQueens #AntiRape #UpLife #WAKEUP #therealremyredd #BlackPride #BlackUNITY #BlackHistory #BlackHistoryMonth #ActingBlack #LeadBYExample #Blackmedia #KingsOurQueensNeedUsToBeKings #Ebony #QueensYourKingsNeedYour

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Comment from David Jamel Briggins:

TONIGHT at 7:00pm in the SAC Room 220, is a ladies discussion entitled Once You Go Black, Should you go Back? A discussion on the stigmas and stereotypes of dating Black women. It should be a good discussion in a collaborative effort, with the Progressive NAACP AND S.M.O.O.T.H. Come by and enjoy! #progressivenaacp #naacp #blackdiscussion #blackpeople #blackunity

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Comment from MotherLandMe:

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