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Comment from Tuba David:

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Surprise!! NEW song tease 🎼😜🕪!!! It's called "This Song Is For You". I'll announce the release date when I know it. For now, enjoy this 30 sec. preview.... also I'M ON SOUNDCLOUD now!!! Woop woop! Just type my name. 🌻  What do you think of my song so far babes? - Written by yours truly @EvelorSavior - Produced by @Jaycobz_Babay  Much love @BrandonFinale @TherealRayLavender

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Comment from ☾︎RiQuel:

The Floozies got a bitch l00se 🎡🗿🚀🎥: @myrrh_maid_

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Comment from Elishia 'Lele' Thomas:

If you could choose your dream lifestyle what would it be? What's stopping you from going after it? Take it off the back burner and work it. If you can spend years working for someone else making someone else richer why not put all that hard work and dedication in your passion? My passions are travel, hair, makeup, teaching and helping others, music, acting, dance, drawing, writing and being a blessing to others. I am blessed to be able to do them All! Husband, 4 kids, one of which is handicapped, car payment, homeschool, living cost and more stuff. Just like YOU but nothing and no one will stop me from living out my passions. Don't let your circumstances ir people in your life dictate your outcome!! Go For It! #travel #selfemployed #entrepreneur #mua #hair #hairstlist #makeupartist #singer #artist #actress #voiceoverartist #dancer #homeschool #marriagegoals #familygoals #bblogger #instadaily #glamsquad #hudabeauty #ghalichiglam #motd #potd

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