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After a three day weekend following the first week of school, the kids fell to pieces tonight. Big emotions. And my daughter needed her hair done. This is why I'm so thankful for @gabbybows Because after a co-washing, moisturizing, detangling, rebraiding session, which took less than an hour, instead of choosing and putting in beads, we just snap in the barrettes and get the kids to bed! 💕

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Badass moms with badass daughters! You know that super rad but lame saying we’ve heard a million times.. “Why fit in when you were born to stand out” I totally get why teens want that glam life you see on social media the perfect hair, contour, body, the filters in glamorous locations. life looks perfect. Then I put my phone down and reality sinks in. I am not that goals, dreams, aspirations are different and thats what makes me authentic. What about the teens. how can they show up authentic when they are constantly shown these beautiful images.. its a pretty high standard that has been set. I am so passionate about helping teens show up authentically! Helping recognize the power within them, helping them understand that they are MORE than what they portray on social media, help them understand they are the creator of their life and their goals, dreams, aspirations and value are what make them authentic and show them how to show up as the most authentic version of themselves daily! Imagine a generation of badass tens who stand out authentically, how badass is that! Join me on August 24th at 7pm CT for a life changing workshop for you and your tween daughter. #CONFIDENCEGOALS Workshop Mom + Daughter Uncover the reality vs. digital world of social media. What’s fake and what’s really happening behind that phone screen. Learn how to use your own judgement to uncover what really aligns with you. #CRUSHEDIT Explore what makes you unique and how to flaunt it YOUR WAY! Leave with my top secret, top ten ways to confidently be a badass! This awesome free pdf download will give you the ultimate #CONFIDENCEGOALS checklist to hang on your mirror! Walk away knowing how to support your daughter and having your daughter understand how her confidence will change the world. Sign up now. Space is limited!! Can’t make it live, sign up and I will make sure you and your daughter get the replay and awesome takeaway.

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Miss A at her happy place 💜

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