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First Nations Camp at The Oregon Eclipse festival. It was really beautiful seeing so many tribes from all around the world come together as one. We witnessed them take their flags and raised them up on poles so they can all fly together respecting each others tradition. It was quite magical to see all of these native tribes come together around the fire and witnessing them share their traditions and stories. Truly inspiring to witness all of these native traditions uniting as one. . . . . #native #elders #abuelos #eclipse #eclipse2017 #sunset #oregon #firstnations #onelove #consciouslyunited #gaiarte #weartogether #uniting

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Wisdom and intelligence are different; the places wisdom will take you, intelligence is too shallow to even think about. 🦉Our signature owl piece symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, mystery, fertility, and magic! Pictured above is our lovely muse Maria wearing the NEW Eclipse line multi -dress/top! She is also pictured wearing our NEW Eclipse line reversible leggings which feature full color print on one side and black on the other! Our high quality fabric is designed to last for many years and will not fade 💪🏻 It's perfectly designed for movement for all of our dance, yoga, and flow fam! Shop the link in our bio for more information ✨ . . . . Photography by @yanagalaninphotography Multi-Dress/ Top Design by @prancykat Muse : Maria H. At the @globaleclipsegathering

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"When the eclipse is in the details" . If you're not American, the first thing you notice when you land there is their obsession with the flag. Ubiquitous, sacred and used as a propaganda weapon. As this president, behaving like a 3 ys old toddler, is doing with the NFL players these days. As anyone older then 3 ys realises, the protest doesn't have anything to do with the flag. . #Lensflare took the #silhouette of the eclipse into a stripe of the #American #flag at the #Washingtonmonument. In August 2017, #USA were crossed, west to east, by a #solareclipse. I happened to be in #WashingtonDC on that day. Despite the #moon did not obscure the #sun in full, there, crowds gathered to watch the show. In the #penumbra of a #partial #eclipse the #sky becomes #darker, but not very dark; the temperature drops, but not very much; the sun feels slightly different but is still there up in the sky, bright and warm. The #light is different, though and if photography is writing with , I took the chance to take some #portraits under these #unusual conditions. Viewers must observe an eclipse only through special #glasses, to avoid permanent damage to #sight. The people #staringatthesun, #blinded by dark lenses, cannot see anything else around them but a slice of sun covered by the moon paying a visit. During the eclipse, it was as the entire population went #blind. Similarly, during the #Trump era, it looks like the entire country has gone blind. In the city that hosts the #President, this exceptional, #imperfect #event of the #eclipse2017 became a perfect #metaphor for the political situation. #stopracismatpretoriagirlshigh

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Eclipse traffic in Wyoming - lots of headway in my knitting, not so much on the highway. We just drove 2 miles in 4 hours, and still a loooong way to go. Expecting our 4-hour drive up to turn into a 12-hour drive back. Where's the washroom???? Addendum: we've now covered 8 miles in 5 hours ...and found some porta-potties! 👍👍👍 Addendum #2: not far off in our estimate - arrived back at my son's house in Denver at 1:45 am - just under 1 hours. Sooooo many 🚗🚘🚗

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