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A Season of Goodbyes, I wrote beneath a photograph I had taken of dry sunflowers strewn on my kitchen counter; their petals like hair flaying, their seeds like tears scattered, the scene, like a snapshot imprinted on the memory that lives only in one’s heart, the image is vanishing; the windswept hair of four adolescent sisters, their tears frozen in time. Their tears singing a story of a train at dawn etching itself into fields of wheat, as their last image of their father fades as the distance from the town they can no longer call a home widens. Beneath that photograph, A Season of Goodbyes, I wrote. #aseasonofgoodbyes #seasonofgoodbyes #sunflowers #endings

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Comment from Jennifer Gelinas:

New moon 🌙 today in Libra♎️the sign of partnership, harmony🌱and easy interactions. Unexpected change is a major theme of this moon along with relationships. Since April we have been in a huge death&rebirth portal in relationships of all kinds-romantic, marriage, friendships. The placement of the sun and moon at this time bodes well for couples as well as singles. The magnetic energy may be drawing you towards someone you’ve been ignoring or parts of your relationship you’ve been avoiding. Couples may be feeling a heightened sense of harmony, a deeper bond and overall ease in important conversations. The energy encourages us to seek balance in our relationships and pursue opposites, change the old established order, let go of toxic, stagnant, stuck ways of being&doing🌬 This time is a huge ending cycle for relationships~literally or metaphorically~it can be interpreted as one chapter ending and another beginning🦋 Libra energy being about partnerships and connection is causing us to let out what has been stuffed away or repressed. This may leave us feeling free and liberated or possibly produce anxiety, chaos or unexpected behaviour. Our willingness to acknowledge where we are out of alignment and face our shadow, anger, rage, and need for control is essential before we find peace, balance, harmony and the right relationship🕊⚖️🌿 • #gratitude365 #newmoon #energy #relationships #libra♎ #astrology #astronomy #endings #beginnings #manifest #intentions #harmony

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Comment from Tina Christina:

Everything is moving The world is turning But time stands still Beauty, Breath Peace Divinity and Grace Even when things feel out of place Nothing ever is And Nothing lasts forever Not even Life itself Perfectly Impermanent Torn apart by illusions Pieced together by Pieces of Truth, Memories n LoVe Finding and losing pieces along the way But know that Nothing is ever lost Not Even in Goodbyes Nothing ever forgotten Because nothing ever really dies Seasons change Cycles come and go Life, Death, Rebirth, Stay in the Harmony of flow Surrender to what is Freedom and Unconditional LoVe in learning to let go The Memories and experiences Weaved deeply in our Hearts Learning to find Peace along the way Let nature take its Course Beecause nothing lasts forever Not even this Life itself This Moment This Breath This Heart Beat and Beauty is all we ever Really Have🌺 Death is not the End It is only the Beginning🙏🏼 #TimeStandsStill #ThisMoment #Life #Death #Cycles #SeasonsChange #Impermanence #Beauty #Rebirth #Peace #LoVe #Divinity #Grace #Endings #Beginnings #Transcendence

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Comment from Kendra:

Don't cling to what's not yours. I no longer force things. What flows, flows. What crashes, crashes. I only have space for what is meant for me. Part of self care and self love is learning how to let life flow and sometimes how to let people go. What breaks was always meant to break. What will be was always meant to be. Pregnancy is an interesting time to try and master this as we are trying to embrace so much of the new yet desperately cling to everything familiar that makes us feel like ourselves. I've drifted apart from people that I thought would be a huge part of my pregnancy and future and I'm learning that it's okay. It's like this now. Not everything lasts, but there is also so much beauty in that as well. There are significant relationships ahead of all of us that we've yet to even enter. Someone out there will mean so much and we don't even know them yet. It's so beautiful. So, when you've outgrown a person, a place, a phase in your life. Let that go. And when a person lets you go, let them, let them grow. . . . . . . #phases #life #moments #history #future #relationships #friendships #space #vibes #intuition #trust #happiness #energy #selfcare #selflove #growth #loss #endings #beginnings #pregnancy #2ndtrimester

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Comment from Christine Morales:

Be in a relationship that bully each other like bestfriends, play like kids, argue like husband and wife and protect each other like brother and sister... Thank you so much for the friendship, the craziness, complexities and most of all, for being my “secret lover” for two years 🤣. Wish you all the best in everything. Hope you find what you’re looking for 😘 #maturedness #thankful #life #beginnings #endings

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