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Eclipse vibes 🌑 #Repost @mysticmamma ・・・ TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE | NEW MOON in LEO (Aug.21st) rises as the Queen within takes her throne on the seat of the Heart of Love. Divine Feminine energy comes through the veil to awaken humanity to its true power in love. A new way is calling as the outmoded, short-sighted, repressive ways of the Patriarchy are no longer tolerable or permissible. We the people awaken and new leaders step forth. Together we rise in consciousness for an inclusive humanity. Together, we cast away the illusion of separatism and step forth to heal the divides within ourselves, our partnerships and our communities. Each of us has the power to shift and realign with the heart, as we let go, forgive, ask for forgiveness, and move through our collective grief to our seat of personal power within the heart of love.Ÿ◉Cathy Pagano shares: “When the Sun goes DARK, we see not only its crown of light (its corona) but also the Universe. We could say that the Sun, our sense of ‘reality’ and even of Spirit, is shut out and we see the wonder of the Cosmos..which gives us a different perspective on who we are and what we think we’re here on Earth for.”Ÿ ◉Divine Harmony shares: “The fixed star Regulus just moved out of Leo, where it’s been for 2000 years, and into Virgo- the sign of the Divine Feminine... This speaks to a huge shift in leadership from.. being a leader for prestige and power to being a leader to serve the people and to serve Mother Earth." ◉Pat Liles shares: "The North Node, our point of growth, creates the Leo eclipse. Here is the theme of the sacred masculine intensified by the presence of Mars in Leo. We all are healing our masculine, experiencing how we show up in the world, and calling on Spirit to support us in walking a balanced path healing what is out of balance.. Pluto ..opposing Ceres…represents the shadow side of the patriarchy/matriarchy separation.. It’s clear our mandate is to heal this core…Let’s hope this solar eclipse triggers a mega forgiveness festival.. Ellias Lonsdale says “It simply requires deep guts and a faith to move every mountain. The timing is now. Can you feel it?” Full DL .com ART by #MYSTICMAMMA

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The morning...let it represent new beginnings. Start fresh and renew your possibilities. If you need to apologize do it so the past can release it's hold on you. If forgiveness is needed take a deep breath and release your ego, it's time to grow. #bepresent #truth #solareclipse #begginings #endings

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The #InfiniteCreator never leaves us without guidance... 💜🙏🏾🕉 My ancestors studied the cosmos (Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets... etc.) The 3 Wise Men engaged the Stars to find The Christ. (consciousness) Luke 21:25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; I've read that on Aug 20 1619, the first Africans, came to the North America Continent... who then officially became slaves. It was said to be a stormy day... 🤔 The the eclipse August 21st 2017, is said to bring about #GreatChange exposing many shadows gradually over a period of time. In SEVEN years 2024 we are to experience another solar eclipse which will take the another path over the United States seemingly marking what some call an x or cross. Some say it is a #BullsEyes ... marking a time or target of BIG #CHANGE ... #Death ... #Birth #Endings and #NewBeginnings. I say... it is NOW time to TAP IN... and detach from ALL (thinking especially) that lessens your true Higher Being. Time to purify ones soul ... raise our vibration and consciousness. #Namaste 💜🙏🏾🕉

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In the castle of my heart resides no pearl, No sign of ecstasy took over the world, Yet I saw you and smiled for you were the one, To treat me like I existed before our story begun But like every saga of love it had a brutal ending The love was vague they say they had enough of commenting And I sit here and stare into the empty palace of life No love no laugh no cry, it's not me anymore, it's not anymore my life🖤 Show love in comments and promote❤️ #love #endings #writersofinstagram #life

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Surrender to what is. ..................................... Let go of what was #summer2017 #endings

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"The end writes the beginning" OR "The beginning writes the end" --------------------------------------------We always resist endings. Whether it is a task,a book,a journey. Endings are painful, An unknown door, A leap of faith, A moment of surrender. Endings are death. Endings are also never the end. A beginning, A sunrise, A birth, A transformation. Endings are evolutionary. A beginning of a new world. It's just a matter of perception. ----------------------------------------- Tagged by my fav @historturedheart for a #5wordstory On #endings ------------------------------------------- #sufifeels #love #beloved #realizations #gratitude #indieauthor #poet #bymepoetry #globalwordsmiths #writer #writersofflg #writersnetwork #writersuniverse #wordgasm #wordporn #poetsofig #poetryisnotdead #heartwrds #untwineme #doortooursouls #madpoetssociety #tribeofpoets #wordpleasure #TPMD #wordswithkings #wordswithqueens

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