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This months Sibyl Magazine Article - October Edition : Igniting your Passion = Happiness With so much going on in our busy lives we often lose the drive we once had for what we are wanting? We feel stretched for time and it’s all too much so fall into the same choice because it’s comfortable. This year of 2017 is a 1 year and has been all about setting up new foundations for something different with more ease and simplicity. This isn’t just for us girls you guys are searching for something better even though you may not be able to fully express what it it yet . It’s time for results and taking things to the next level. Are you with me ? Would love you to comment - We are all on the same journey of self discovery with the passion of life a priority and it continues to be! Check out the link in my bio to my article. #happiness #love #feelings #choices #trust #ease #simplicity #grace #peace #peaceofmind #creation #energy #intention #positivevibes #wisewoman #passion #vibes #feelingsafe #instagood #sacredselfcare

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I've never known what's it's like to live in the middle. everything I feel comes to me in the extremes. I never knew happiness, only extreme bursts of joy. Passion. Like I was the sun and the moon and the stars Aligning Colliding Exploding All at once. I never knew sadness, all I felt was destruction. Never crying, but pouring Flooding my own existence Drowning myself in darkness. Loosing myself. Utterly and completely. And then then, when I fell in love You could see wings spreading out at each side of my spine. Giving me the capacity to love Not just you But the whole world. However, feeling everything so intensely always experiencing life in extremes also meant that when my heart broke I didn't grieve, I shattered

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Хмурый и холодный, яркий и согревающий. Мой Октябрь. Мой 22-й Октябрь...🍁🍁🍂 "I навiть, якщо Жовтень розiб'є серце важкими дощами, Якщо доля роз'єднає нас, я кохатиме тебе вiчно... у своїх снах". #October #fallingleaves🍁🍂 #onmyground #autumn #leaves #staywithme #falling #in #love #with #you #emotions #feelings #helpme #donotwannastop Ph: @katerina_zacrevskaya

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