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Comment from Shruti Rawool:

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Comment from Aurora Lamari:

And the journey continues...I come back to this space where the intentions for healing, love, gratitude, giving back and living in harmony with our Mother and Father are Present and danced out in Unity with #desertdwellers at #3daysoflight. In the rain I am renewed through the activation of prayer in water, light, and I come back from this experience to be jolted back into the world with intensity through my souls lessons I am brought to the awareness of my path. My sisters and I all going through a major transition...I take a moment as inspired to look at the Maturity Number in Numerology. The one this "I" chose is 11. Master numbers equate to extreme challenges for extreme growth and and evolution. So thankful for this reminder when I can go from absolute bliss to absolute opposite from all angles 😂. When this is seen in Divine Light it is "finding the middle way". With this understanding and knowledge the wisdom carries a song of triumph for every compassionate moment I can have for myself and others no matter what situation arises. Within I Am Still. I Am Calm. I Am Centered in the Knowing of this Divinity that exists in the Beloved. You are the Beloved. Your sadness, your joy, your anger...the beauty of every extreme and every soft spot in between. Thank you to All for Being. It is an Honor to See U, to Love You and sometimes Be in the more turbulent vibrations...Bcs through it all I See U. I Accept U. I Love You 🙏🏾🌊🌪🌈✨ #masternumber #challengesareopportunities #opportunityawaits #trancedance #ecstaticdance #movementmedicine #movementmeditation #thelivingtrees #hoopspam #hoopersofinstagram #hoopersofig #highvibetribe #plur #plurlife #festivallife #festival #mindfulnessmeditation #lifecoach #loveyourself #justbe #mygfisamazing

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Comment from Sac Fry Fest:

Calling all vendors! Applications are now open to become part of Sacramento's ONLY food festival dedicated to loaded fries at Roosevelt Park on April 28th, 2018! Both food* and makers bazaar vendors are welcome to apply - spots are limited so reach out today! . Fill out the inquiry form available at and we will get back to you with more info about festival participation. . *Must be a licensed food truck or restaurant to apply as a food vendor . . . . . #sacfryfest #sactomofo #foodfestival #sacramentoevents #loadedfries #delish #communityevents #sacfoodscene #sacfoodies #sactowneats #fries #festival

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New arrivals ⚡️⚡️ Love gun tee / white online now ~ Black coming soon

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Metatrons Cube ~

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Comment from Grupo Spartacus:

Quarta atração confirmada! Cantor, ator e compositor, conhecido por suas performances humorísticas nos palcos, Leno Maycon, vulgo Nego do Borel, uma das maiores referências do funk melody e carioca. Com seus sucessos “Você partiu meu coração”, “Esqueci como namora”, “Não me deixe sozinho” acrescenta o quadro de mais um artista confirmado no Cabo Frio Music Festival. Vendas abertas a partir do dia 18/10 (lote promocional). @cabofriomusicfestival @grupospartacus @pontomaximoeventos #negodoborel #cabofriomusicfestival #festival #cabofrio

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