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TACFIT cali. Entrenamiento con clubbells. Movimiento intercalado separando tipos de fuerza de los brazos, los cuales estan conectados entre si a travez del esfuerzo en el core el cual esta activado el 100% del tiempo durante toda la ejecución del ejercicio. Mejorando la coordinación y motricidad llevando a su ves el fortalecimiento de mi core y grip a un nivel superior. Exclusivo para cali en WARRIORS MMA TRAINING CENTER. @tacfit_cali @warriorscolombia #jiujitsu #bjj #ufc #mma #brazilianjiujitsu #muaythai #wrestling #bjjlifestyle #martialarts #motivation #jiujitsulifestyle #judo #oss #nutrition #workout #fitfam #boxing #fitness #grappling #artesuave #fitspo #crossfit #love #gym #bodybuilding #bjjstyle #training #ilovebjj #blackbelt #sport

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👟 Non-Training Days / Recovery Days 🚶🏻 • On days that I am not lifting I still like to be active. This gives me the feeling that I am still contributing and pushing towards my goals. Plus, active recovery can be beneficial in the quality of your recovery and even benefit those gains! 😱⬇️ • 🔹 Active Recovery primes your body’s metabolic pathways of recovery 🔹 Psychological benefits as I stated above are good for your overall feeling 🔹 Gets blood flowing, this increasing the shuttling of nutrients to those muscles you’ve been hitting hard in the gym 🔹 Some added cardio to help burn a few extra calories, this aiding in weight loss or staying a little more lean • ✅ Today’s Active Recovery ➖ Incline Walking (25 Min) ➖ Ab Circuit - Ab Wheel, Medicine Ball tucks, and DB Twist

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The road you travel on your own is the only road worth travelling, to be able to stay on track and stay true to your vision without any body to help, guide or distract you will establish what kind of champion you will be! @musclemania

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#FaceToFaceFriday crazy to see the difference in my face from January to now. Much less puffy, more defined cheeks, my eyes look brighter, my teeth even look better. Consistency is important people! (Plus I look much better with a tan 😂)

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