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Comment from John Ashlan: And we’re live with my new short film!!! And VLoG! I did all the editing and filming!!! Go subscribe today!! You will love it

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...The good ideas of mid-October... 😍 -->Ibiza is for everyone<--👍

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🎶 "I don't wanna be alive, I don't wanna be alive, I just wanna die today, I just wanna die" 🎶 . 🥀 Taking it back to where it all started for me.... a good run on my treadmill. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but for me, it was EVERYTHING I had going through dark times in the past. This song came to my attention while discussing purpose on a coach call last night. In case you all aren't familiar with it, it's by Logic. Suicide isn't an easy topic to discuss but it's one that shouldn't be taken lightly either. I know Suicide Prevention and Awareness was last month, but let's be honest, we need way more than just one month to be aware of it. . 🥀 I know you all may see me as someone who loves working out and filling myself with good foods but understand, it's so much deeper than me trying to be skinny again after having a baby or trying to look cute in some clothes. For me, health and fitness is the ONE thing I clung to. It's not a fad that I promote or something that's just "in" or "cool" right now. It's literally what helped me to try my hardest to not give up and end it all. . 🎶 "I finally wanna be alive, I finally wanna be alive, I don't wanna die today, I don't wanna die" 🎶 . . 🎶 "I movin til my legs give out, and I see my tears melt in the snow. But I don't wanna cry, I don't wanna cry anymore. I wanna feel alive, I don't even wanna die anymore. Oh I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't even wanna die anymore." 🎶 . 🥀 If you know someone who's struggling with wanting to take even one more breath, or you yourself are there right now, please know that you are not alone. I too, have been there, you will get through this and I'm praying for you even if I don't know who you are. Know that there is no shame or condemnation in speaking up; there is only healing in doing so 💋. #purposedrivenjess

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