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Comment from Devin Geser 🕊:

#feelbetter #fridayfunny #SmileLinesOverFrownLines #funny #funnypages #laughteristhebestmedicine #pinsForTheWin #billingquestions #possibleimprovement #intention #focus #smile #jokes #cartoons #acuglow #acupuncture #healthy #endorphins #seritonin #giggles #happy Someone asked me why do I post so many cartoons? I believe above all the other things one can do to feel better it's laughter, which is the best medicine. A smile is as contagious as illness and everything we can do to smile more than frown is important. The asana of laughter is a sacred practice of yoga and qi gong and really, its own kind of meditation. As such, it can be done alone or the power is exponentially multiplied when done in a group setting and it's an intimate, fulfilling thing to share with a friend. So next time you're whatevering, try too a little laugher, a giggle, a smirk, a chortle, or even a snort. Watch a video of "laughing yoga". Sending you another smile for your day 😊

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Comment from Allison Stagaard:

Ya know, I'll be more impressed when you come out with limited editions in SINGLE servings @oreo

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Comment from Alicia Crispo:

Get this kid a record deal...

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Comment from Bradkay Photographix:

I love meeting awesome people and helping them look even more amazing. This is Lauren from Rental Results looking amazing.

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