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What Your Sole 👣 of your Shoes 👟 Says? . 🚫 A way to avoid running injuries and to make your shoes last longer is to be aware of your running pattern 🏃🏃🏻‍♀. Have you ever asked yourself how you run? Well, your shoes have the answer 💡! . From the "wearing" pattern, your shoes often tell us, the therapist a story! I.e. If the 👣 gets more worn out on the INNER side, this could mean the user put more of his/her walking weight on the inner side of his foot, mimicking over-pronation, or the OUTER side, mimicking over-supination. . To get more idea of this quick self assessment🔍, check out the pic above ⬆️ and see what you can do to improve it! . If you have: 1 & 4, ✔️Strengthen your hip adductors. This would help to correct the alignment of your feet and keep them pointing forward during running. . 2 ✔️Allow your heels to touch the ground and aim to strike with mid-foot. Being aware and conciously correcting your foot-strike pattern would allow neuromuscular re-training. . 3 & 5 ✔️Realign your running form by leaning forward slightly to allow your feet to strike 💢 the ground under your knees and not ahead of them. . ⚠️The most important thing to note is that your shoes show if your postural foundation is unstable, which impacts your entire body. Hence, it is important to have an even foot-strike, a way to maintain healthy lower limb joints. . SO.. If your shoes have the tendency to get worn out very fast, be it the ⬅️ or ➡️ side.. OR you simply just don't have any idea how to assess it.. Get a Physiotherapist to assess it for you today! In Miniphysio Clinic, we could help you with this, text us up at 8698726! . #shoes #footwear #physio #physiotherapy #rehab #foot #feet #athletes #athlete #runner #run #fitness #fit #gym #workout #technique #posture #gait #assessment #body #health #lifestyle #knee #marathon #triathlon #injury #exercise #footarch #plantarfasciitis #heelpain

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