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Comment from Ofmara Rangel:

Otra representación abstracta que hice durante mi PreCollege. Lo que teníamos que hacer era escuchar una canción que nos gustara e imaginar cómo serían los colores, formas, etc etc jaja. No me gusta lo abstracto pero amo Queen con todo mi corazón! 💛💙❤️🖤🤘🏻La canción fue Bohemian Rhapsody! • • • #digitalart #abstractart #abstract #queen #freddiemercury #song

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Comment from Alfredo Mercurio🌚:

OK, so this is my post 100!! And I want to share a story that I really love😂 • "November 26, Winnie's birthday, one of Freddie's lovers, ended up together in bed Winnie, Barbara Valentin, and Freddie: " we were the three naked on the bed and someone and the bell rang at seven in the morning: -"tax police!" -"come back later!" shouted Freddie -"If you do not let us enter, will miss the door down!" Freddie returned to the room saying "get up, get up!". After a minute the police was already around the house, and there was Freddie, naked except for a small towel, with order of stay where they were. They went all around the house and Freddie said "really guys, I have to pee". One of the policemen then recognized him and said "Is Freddie Mercury" and then Freddie was impertinent. Told the police "If you behave well with my girlfriend I sing you a song, come on let's take a glass of champagne all together", the policeman said embarrassed "sorry, we service". Freddie replied "Then fuck off, anyway are all too ugly for me to sing to you" Have a nice Mercury Monday #mercurymonday #freddiemercury #farrokhbulsara

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