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Comment from Allison:

Yes, I saw the eclipse today, and yes, it was cooler than I expected and I 'm glad I looked (with protective eye ware, of course). But I won't post a photo of myself in the glasses like ninety nine point nine percent of Instagram. Instead, you can look at my beautiful, new blank guitar sheet music. The way I learn to play songs is through writing it out and repetition. It's literally the only way (I blame my TBI, which was coincidentally exactly 20 years ago today, too - woot!). Revolution Radio, here I come. . . . . #guitar #guitartab #sheetmusic #greenday #revolutionradio #music #play #eclipse #totaleclipse #science

6 Hours ago

Comment from Lewis Spencer:

Clip from one of my tunes entitled "Noisuf" feat. Will Allman on bass dropping some fire🔥

13 Hours ago

Comment from Andi Yogi Sudirman:

1 Days ago

Comment from Lewis Spencer:

Groovin' on 'Summertime' last night with the Ashley Allen Quintet💥

3 Days ago

Comment from Luc DiGiuseppe:

Having some fun over the latest @adam.nitti Groove Of The Day #GOTD --- please check out his channel, his videos, and his music - he's a phenomenal bassist!!

5 Days ago

Comment from Oz:

6 Days ago

Comment from Luc DiGiuseppe:

Tuesday afternoon jams 🎸

6 Days ago