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Comment from Edwin Vega:

I may not be the lowest car on the block, but I still break your neck.

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Comment from It's 5 o'clock:

Day147: Black Bean Burgers with Mexi-corn. Back from the trip and hadn’t been to the store yet, so I pulled these meatless burgers from the freezer (also on Day87) and served with plain Greek yogurt mixed with a little sriracha and green onions. Mexi-corn from Trader Joe’s (freezer). It all blended well. Also had a little spice — which was fine for all but 1 of my people. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #cantwinthemall I served this all at 5pm instead of the after-school snack so we could run to the grocery 6-7pm. Me and all my littles. This was not as brilliant as I thought.💆🏻 But we now have a stocked fridge and the critters are in bed, so... #happyendings #blackbeanburgers #mexicorn #easydinners #its5oclockmom @morningstarfarms

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Comment from sonymusicu_seattle:

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Comment from Trish Zanetti:

How sweet are these furry and human children ? @Regranned from @animalsaustralia - These adorable sisters give rescued farm animals the love and cuddles that every animal deserves! 📹 thanks to @greenerpasturessanctuary. ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ #greenerpastures # #kindkids #farmrescue #animalrescue #happyanimals #amazinganimals #compassion #stopanimalcruelty #vegetarian #vegan #happyendings #rescuedanimals #forakinderworld - #regrann #lamb #beef #burgers #turkey #chicken #goat #farm #farmsanctuary #babies

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Comment from Jadie:

If you don't belive in happy endings. Create your own end and smile. Because there are no such better feeling than the work you just did, knowing deep inside "i did it". Nothing worth having comes for free or easily. Nothing will ever sparkle as much as the tears of your own happiness for something you have earned with compassion sweat and tears. Be realistic, put goals, belive you can and do whatever it takes to get there. 💪💜 #hardwork #always #paysoff #beawesome #betrue #beyou #workforyourownshit #beyourownhero #happyendings #trustin #hardwork #smile #ididit

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Comment from Animals Australia:

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Comment from Key finit💜:

There's always a happy ending. Even if you are different you can still make the world so much brighter for so many other people. Original story: Happy Endings. Main character: Candi Lyght. #keys_oc #happyendings

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Comment from Colin Saliba:

Warm days slowly slipping away. Car will be out until the roads start freezing up and the salt comes out. Not excited 😰

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Comment from Carlos:

A lot of changes for next year 😣

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Comment from Caleb Jones:

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So happy for these guys! Can’t believe that the little band I fell in love with about a year and a half ago is going on world tour. They only have one song on the radio when I started following, now they are going across the world!!! I’m just a little upset that Texas isn’t on the tour but there will be plenty of opportunities for me. So much love for these guys❤️❤️❤️ #odarmy #olddominion #oldbrominion #WorldTour2018 #HappyEndings

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Comment from Dani Isaacs:

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Comment from Sophia Smith:

End of an era @royaldockscrossfit 😢 @onigbemy 'see you soon' wod. You are one of the most sincere, honest, kind, funny and generous people I've had the pleasure of meeting over the last 2 years...still can't quite believe your off! . . . You were the first woman I saw squat 100kg in real life and from then i was hooked 😍 I love you like Samira loves cake...Alot ❤ . . . Crossfit Yas have no idea what their letting themselves in for 😂 Best of luck on your new adventure and see you soon #stronglady 😘 . . . #girlsthatlift #crossfit #crossfitter to #newbeginnings and #happyendings #theonlyconstantischange

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Comment from Stevie Andrews:

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