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Liberty here. I am a cutie patootie. I am a female bully. I am potty trained. I am a gorgeous brindle female. I am microchipped and vaccinated. I am also spayed. I love play time. I think toys are great. I really like car rides and the wind blowing over my face is wonderful. I enjoy following my people around. I am about 45 pounds. I like to play with the other dogs too. I also am kennel trained. #dogrescue #needsahome #friendlygirl #pitmix #happygirl

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Guten Morgen ihr lieben 💕 Tag 4/34 🔥 ist abgebrochen &' ab heute heißt es für mich #Spätschicht 1/5 😱. Ich bin so gespannt wie das Arbeiten und das Haus ist. Ob ich mit den Klienten und den Bewohnern klar komme & ob ich schnell rein komme, da es doch wieder ein anderes Konzept ist. 🙊 . . . Eigentlich wollte ich ins Gym, aber die #erkältung 🤧 hat mich erwischt. Gott sei dank bin ich körperlich fit und nur Probleme mit Kopfschmerzen und Schnupfen, aber Training fällt leider flach 😕. Wie man sieht hab ich auch wieder etwas Wasser gezogen, aber es gibt schlimmeres und Gesundheit geht vor ☝🏼. Euch allen einen schönen Tag 😘 #krank #gesundheitgehtvor #trainingspause #zwangspause #schrecklich #fitgirl #fitness #fitnessgirl #fitnessliebe #fitnessfreak #fitnesscouple #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslifestyle #healthy #healthylife #healthyfood #cleaneating #happylife #happygirl #fatloss #gymtime #abs #workhard #weightloss #bodybuilding #gymgirl #fitnessaddict #foodblogger

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Goodmorning! I thought.. let’s re-introduce myself for everybody who recently started following me and doesn’t really know my story. So my name is Nicky, I am 30 (HELP) years old, born in Holland but I live in Spain since about a year. As a young girl I grew up riding in a traditional riding school and it was not until I bought Najib that I started looking for other ways. Najib (a quarab gelding) was my first ‘own’ horse again after years without having horses in my life and the first months where all about tears and frustrating. I couldn’t get near him, let alone put a halter on. . . That’s where my Parelli journey started. I decided I wanted to learn all about it and invested a lot in lessons, courses, workshops etc. Every new thing I introduced to Najib was a ‘problem’, but we worked through it together and eventually he became my perfect partner who made all my dreams come true. We passed online, liberty, and freestyle level 4 together from the Parelli program. Only Finesse was missing, but we never got to that point.. . . Besides Najib, Jairoh (an arabian mix gelding) also lived with me. He came to me when he was only 1 and he changed from an insecure and shy boy to a really playful and awesome little clown! He loved doing crazy stuff and jumps etc. After my working student time in France, the barb-arabian mare Touria joined the herd and all of a sudden I had 3 horses. Touria educated me in ways Najib and Jairoh didn’t before. Touria was even more about softness and engaging her mind. And then my life completely changed.. . . My relationship came to an end, meaning I couldn’t keep all my horses anymore and not long after that I made plans to move to Spain together with my current boyfriend. Holland never made me really happy, I was tired of dragging wheelbarrows through the mud and being confronted with rain so.many.times! With moving to Spain came the decision that it would not be the best thing for any of my horses to move with me (there was no place where they wouldn't be locked up in stables 24/7 in the area we where going to live), so I looked for new human partners for them in Holland. I did my absolute (continues in comments) 👇🏼

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Good morning 😉

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