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I am looking for 10 men and women to join my team! 10 Badass, committed, passionate individuals that: • Have a heart for helping and empowering others • Want more out of life, and has dreams bigger than your average 9 to 5 gig. Wants to work their way to a 6 figure income. • Have goals to live a healthier life: mind body and soul. • Need a positive support system and tribe to help them through life. • Could benefit from extra money each month and a residual income at that. Cha-ching! • Loves fitness + nutrition + yoga + Pilates + learning about natural healing techniques (Ayurveda for example) + self love and body positivity + manifestation + holistic health + consciousness and spirituality and more. • Wants the freedom and flexibility to travel when and where they want too. If any of those resonates with you I want to talk to you more about what I do! This opportunity has seriously changed my life. My tribe has helped me through the hard times in life. Being healthy within my body, my mind and my soul has been a huge help to getting me to where I am today. I love this opportunity and want you to love it too. We are ready to flat out change the world...are you coming aboard? Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Message if it's something of interest to you or feel out the application in my bio 💌 #consciousness #awakening #selflove #enlightenment #meditation #spiritual #mindfulness #meditate #yoga #healthiswealth #yogi #bohemian #chakras #vegansofinstagram #healing #vegan #holistic #kundalini #adventure #travel #hippie #reiki #girlboss #photography #gypsy #veganism #nature #explore #wanderlust #healthylifestyle

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#NEWMOON #Guidance As we move towards the New Moon on Thursday, Oct 19th (It’s energy already with us as of last night, lingering through Sunday) we are supported in remembering and connecting with all the JOYs in our lifetime, thus far. Using that #JOY, happiness, #LOVE to heal “the wounds of the child”… the child within that still cries out for love, support, comfort, guidance, and #HEALING Re-connect with the sense memory of those joy-full experiences. Going as far back into childhood, as possible. Re-member and re-live how it felt, smelled, tasted… How it was, to #BE there. Then visualize your child-self before you, whatever age you are drawn to. Send love and #LIGHT from the your heart to the heart of that child. Let that love filled heart light fill both you and your child self. Feel (Know) that you are loved, and that you have always been loved. Feel (know) that you are Divine, as you have always been Divine. Allow any emotions which arise to flow. Honor them and acknowledge them, whatever they may be. When you are ready, tell your child self “I love you. I am here for you. You are not alone. You are safe.” Then to your present self “I love you. I am here for you. You are not alone. You are safe.” Reach out your hand, connecting with you - the child. Draw the child close to you, back into you... safely and lovingly into your heart. Walk forward with joy “I would like to hold my little hand. We will run, and we will crawl Send me on my way…” …into a brighter future not burdened by the past {"Send Me On My Way", by Rusted Root for music therapy...} This New Moon is about rebirth (and so, we begin again) through joyful healing, Love and #ACCEPTANCE of what was and what is… acceptance that we cannot change the past But we can change how it (continues to) affects us. AND rebuilding the foundation within… forgiveness and healing to expand balance, strength, creativity, love, joy, abundance… Now is the time to “let go of that which weighs you down, In order to make space for that which lifts you up.” Be well. Be happy. Be free. ~ Jill ♥ #psychmedium #intuitive #consultant #spiritual #lifecoach

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#TravelTuesdays - MALIBU | . . Many of us enjoy visiting the beach for a vacation and some of us are even lucky enough to live close to it. Although the beach is great in the summer, it also has some profound healing properties that we don’t always acknowledge. Sometimes we feel drawn to it and we don’t why. But when we get there, our souls recharge and we find grounding and balance. The beach is a great place to heal yourself at any time of year. . #malibu #beach #healing #surf #surfing #california #traveltuesdays #travel #travelgram #adventure #love #light #bliss #evolve #ascend #vibratehigher

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. I'm a mother. I have a responsibility to uphold, a straight line to walk to become a success at this parenting thing. I'm depressed. With judgmental lips they say: "You're a mother, you should be filled with shame. How could you feel this way?" As if I wanted to feel this way. I feel guilty. Am I doing my best? How should my best feel? When at most I only have enough energy to occasionally brush my teeth. I'm mad. I'm happy. What is sane? Is this societies game to fill me with such pain? It's madness. So judge me from your window, while you point with your finger demanding that I wear my shoes. Well, I can't today today they're filled with lead and my minds to blame.

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What to do when depression has you by the throats and you just want to sleep and eat it away?!? Get off the couch, lace up your shoes and press play!! I had a therapy appointment today and tried to cancel because I wanted to hide from the world. This was one of the most difficult workouts. I had exactly enough time to finish the program, do a quick bird bath and attend my appointment. It's difficult to push yourself. I say this all the time, muster up the strength, and do hard things. I'm never disappointed when I do. Also watch for warning signs that you're getting into trouble. For instance, if you're finding it difficult to brush your teeth in the morning because you don't want to get off the couch and face life, this is a warning sign. I draw my strength from The Lord. Even when I find it difficult to pray, I truly believe that he knows my heart and my thoughts. He is my source of strength and comfort. He has carried me through many phases of healing and He isn't quite finished. Also, learn to let things go. Was I upset that I attacked the rest of the Halloween candy?!? Yes, I was very upset. Am I upset that it was a smidgen difficult to button my pants?!? You better believe I was. Oh, well, there's no sense in crying over spilled milk (whatever that means). Exercise is good for my emotional health and I believe that it will help you too 😊 However

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