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~A box of thoughts~ Chapter 2. "So were one of you out of the country?" Sophia asks. "No, I was just home" I answered, ,,I have been in Spain. It was so cool, and hot" Jason laughs. Sophia turns her head to me and screams, ,,God Y/n I forgot to tell you that, I've found out that Jacob talks about you!" ,,"Have you listen to their conversations?" I laughs. "Maybe she says" she takes my hand as she pulls me down on a seat. Jason is standing up while Sophia hyped sits down beside me and says, "Ok, look slowly back" she smirks. I turns my head back, and see Jacob and his friends. He is the popular and hot guy. He probably doesn't know that I'm existing, on the earth. He and his friends (Mark, Joey, Charles and Hunter) is sitting and talks about boy stuff. Then I quickly get eye contact with Jacob. The sunrise came through his eyes, and shined like a star. He smiled, and winks. I blush and smiles back, then he turns his head to his friends again. I turns my head back to Sophia and smiles crazy. She smirks and asks, ,,Hm.. how was that?" "Fantastic, his eyes were shining! Omg I'm dying" I laughed a little. *Jacobs POV* Me and the boys sat at my table and talks about our summer vacation. Then can't I hear anymore, i'm not focused on Joey who talks where he been. I see Y/n, comes in with her two best friends who support her and likes her, Jason and Sophia. They have all three known each other since kindergarten. Y/n's smile is pretty and so cute. Yup, the boy who sometimes looks hard outside isn't that inside. Comment for next part<33 #jacobsartorius #Jacob #Sartorius #jacobsartoriusfanfic #jacobsartoriusfanfiction #jacob4ever #js #jacobfandom #jacobfanfic #jacobimagine #ImagineJacob #JacobS #sartorius #sartoriusfandom #RolfJacobSartorius #Jacobfanpage

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My first ever imagine I hope you like it. Comment if you enjoyed this and I should keep doing more bc I'm probably going to change my themes into imagines or maybe both. I made a mistake omg don't mind the it on stupid autocorrect😂😉 Have a great night or day love you all ❤💯 @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius # #imaginejacob #ilovejacob

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