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Comment from Moon🌙:

Chapter 16(a MUST see!)🍥 "You and Ariel open the door slowly after you hear the screams.You take some stuff to kill the beast with,so you see Jacob with a bloody face on the ground! You:Jacobbb!Pls don't leave me,nooo!😭You f****** beast,why are you doing this?You hurt my heart...Jacob plz wake up I don't have a heart bs you are my heart😭Y?You stoled it,my love! B:Y/n let's kill this freaky thing! A:Go away you,freaky murder,cuz I will kill you worse,I swear!!! Jacob wakes up.You look at him and go hug him.Jacob takes off his T-shirt and gives it to you😳The beast is scratching you and taking you with it. J:Noo,babess B:Girlssss,noo While Jacob is running to you,he took you away from the beast and says while holding with his arms and looking at you: J:Trust me,babe! You say:yes,I always will Then the beast got Ariel,but not for too long,than Blake got Ariel. Then you go by yourself and it came from your heart to sing to the beast!The three others were impressed how good you can sing💙With your amazing voice,you kill the beast with kindness!" End of Y/n dream ~ This was my BFF'S idea @dreniigashiii @jacobsartorius #Imaginesartorius #Blariel #Hacob❤ #DREAM #lfl #fff #edit

6 Days ago