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❗️Chapter spam 3/6❗️ It’s been like 20 minutes! I should eat something from this. It’s getting cold.... and I legit hate when people throw food away!😤 I decided to eat food and the drink it was really good. I mean YOLO🤷‍♀️🤣 Y/n: that was delicious 😋 I should head back home the person hasn’t came😐 I left the waitress a tip. [House] Ugh I’m so bored!!!!!!!! I should call Jacob- but we broke up and I think the person is stalking us😳 I NEED A TEXT FROM THE PERSON! Ugh! I want to find out who you are- Wait- I can trace it down! I’m actually good at tracing things! Wait- I should call Jenna to help me! [12min later] Jenna: okay almost done- but why didn’t- Y/n: I HAVE A TOUR IN A FEW WEEKS!! Jenna: calm down- WTH THE SIGNAL IS DOWN WE CANT TRACE THE PERSON! Y/n: omfg so that means when I’m going on tour I’m still gonna get threats! And my friends are gonna be there! They know about it but still! Jenna: Ik Ik it’s bad! Y/n: plus I broke up with Jacob. I start to sob. Y/n: I..I still love himmmmmmm Jenna: sh sh. She hugs me. Jenna: why did you break up with him if you still like him? I Tell her the whole story. Jenna: oh shi- *Ding ding* Y/n: ITS THE PERSON! Jenna: read it then! “ Tour is coming in a few weeks! Yuppy! Hahhh!! I’m watching every step you move” Oh no. [3 weeks later] Tomorrow is tour!! Shit me and Jacob are back together why? It’s because I haven’t been getting threats from the person. Jacob: are you excited baby!? Y/n: OFC IM SO EXCITED OMG IM GONNA MEET MY ANGLES SUPPORTERS!😍😍😍❤️ Jacob: they are all sweet😍 [Tour day {Texas}] __________________________ Opp you guys are in tour! #jacobsartorius #rjs #jacob #sartorius #chapters #fanfiction #jacobsartoriusfanfic #jacobfanfic #fandom

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Shhhhhhh !!! 👀moments of madness ...😜with #Jacob the director 🎬 blessed 🇹🇿🇩🇪.

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He encontrado a todos los niños peculiares en versión anime. Qué les parece? En mi opinión son muy monos 😊❤ ☆ I found all the peculiar chidren in anime version. Do you liked? In my opinión there are very cute 😊❤ ☆ #animeversion #versiónanime #elhogardemissperegrineparaniñospeculiares #missperegrinehomeforpeculiarchildren #staypeculiar #sépeculiar #eHdMPpNP #mphfpc #missperegrine #horace #millard #fiona #hugh #enoch #bronwin #claire #olive #jacob #emma #likethebook #comoellibro #book #libro #cute #superlindo #faltamissp

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