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Comment from Daddy and his Kiwi:

Feel free to ask questions about This post.. . This is me without editing or filters . I was at a party so it looks green but I'm here to talk about what I get dms for all the time. What is my complete role in bdsm? . . I am a full time slave. My dom gives commands and chores that I am supposed to do. I am not to disobey or talk back. I'm supposed to completely address him as my superior. Werre still working on it because we only recently began slave training. . . I am a MASSIVE brat. I always talk back and disobey and do things I know I'm not supposed to. I'm constsntly getting into trouble but my dom is very quickly deciding to train me out of it and it's a matter of opinion how that's going 😂 . . . I am a part time pet. Kitten ,wolf , and red panda. I like to play and bite and snuggle and then bite some more. My dom really knows how to bring out my playful side. I like playing fetch and going on walks and wrestling a lot. . . . Lastly I am a little. Not full time but it depends on my mood. As you can see from pictures i get bottle fed and have pacis and a onesie and my dom loves this part of me most of all. He loves the innocence and I get very clingy in little space. . . . I'm also a switch but I won't go into detail on that. I am a full submissive with my dom. I only switch because I protect two littles. . . . But that's me 😊feel free to comment or dm questions if you want to know anything. Or folloe the link in my bio to ask anonymously if you want to. All questions and curiosity are welcome. . . . #ddlg #ddlgcommuntiy #ddlgrelationship #abdl #abdlmommy #abdldaddy #little #daddy #master #kink #love #yessir #kitten #babygirl #bdsm #bdsmcommunity #bdsmrelationship #bdsmslave #bdsmlifestyle #littleforbig #onesie #littlespace

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Sending you forget-me-nots. I’m your favorite 🌳

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Comment from A D A I R:

K I N K — I sometimes wonder if the things I crave are wrong and twisted I sometimes imagine how it would be to embrace myself I sometimes let go and hope that it’s dark enough that no one will see Is my deepest desire so wrong Is the need too strong You don’t seem to mind So I’ll take you with me To the place where there is no wrong or right Just feeling Carnal lust Endless pleasure. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #poetry #words #quote #inspiration #creative #writing #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poems #photography #storm #myownwords #thoughts #feelings #kink #kinkyfuckery #pleasure #lust

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