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Finally, I have found it... the perfect toxin free bed and mattress 👌🏼😴 Many of you know how much I value my sleep, I've spent many years learning and refining sleep habits, sleep hygiene and environment to optimize my sleep and that of my clients 🙂 But there has always been one thing missing... the perfect mattress 🤔 After spending months researching bedding materials, foams, flame retardants, cottons, latex, EMF, manufacturing protocols and much more (all of which has been extensively documented in various articles on my blog at I now have an answer to that common question I am asked 'What is the best bed for me?'❓ The answer - the Samina System 👏🏻 ➖100% organic materials (with only organic natural materials used such as latex, cotton, wool ) 🚫💉 ➖Entirely chemical free (the wool is all hand washed, no glues or flame retardants are used for example) 🚫😷 ➖ Completely free of metal (no issues with emf etc) 🚫📡 ➖Built for optimal air flow regulation (through the use of wool, easy to air out layers and the open box slat support base) ✔️🌬 ➖Perfect postural support (keeping your spine in perfect alignment grow the use of the slat support base - it's so comfy you could sleep on that alone. I'm serious)🚫🚶🏽 And best of all (at least for me anyway!)... ➖the dual slat support system which eliminates partner disturbance (Rebecca and I can sleep in the same bed again without me rolling over and waking her up and vice versa)✔️👫 This was definitely the find of the Bulletproof expo for me. A big reason why I jetted across the pacific was to meet the owners in person, drill them with the hard questions and of course spend some time on, what I know believe to be, the perfect bed! So there we go, the search is over haha. I just need to save a few more pennies before I can get my own but at least now I can start researching the next thing on my list... the perfect office chair! 👨🏻‍💻 keep an eye out for that blog and IG post 😝

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