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Há tartes de limão e há "a" tarte de limão do Bistro, um caso capaz de gerar amor à primeira vista. Lemon curd, chantilly, merengue e gelado de manjericão... Um final feliz pronto a servir a partir das 19h30! • There are lemon pies and, then, there's Bistro's Lemon pie, which can cause love at first sight. Lemon curd, whipped cream, meringue and basil ice cream... An happy ending ready to be served from 19h30! 📷: Fabrice Demoulin #100maneiras #bistro100maneiras #dessert #sobremesa #lisboa #lisbon #chef #ljubomirstanisic #portugal

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This is the story of royal-highness, mermaid princess, Kaffeine. On a cold wintery night she talked to the stars like she did when she was misguided or ill-advised. "I might not know much, but I bet you a thousand bucks that I can make something to quench our thirst... Something different, better than all this boring water!" The stars twinkled three times as if saying "you're on!" and soon the night turned into day. The princess worked all night, thinking, planning, experimenting. She aimed to create a velvety concoction, a magic explosion of flavors that snuggled all the braves and the daring in a warm blanket during the icy season. So she grabbed all the ingredients of the kingdom, asked for spices from the Southeast, fruits and vegetables from the North, milk from the Land. Sent prayers to the moon Godess. Worked feverishly until the break of dawn. But something was lacking... Something... A spark, a sizzling within the bloodstream, a vibration! When the sun set, she consulted the stars for guidance, but they only seemed to lightly shimmer that evening. "It's your essence princess...", she heard the wind whispering. "My essence?", she wondered. "What makes you, you!" Never to question destiny or fateful encounters, she got into deep thought. "The magic within me..." To the rich nectar she added one of her kaffeinated hairs. A personal touch. A sliver of essence. It was ready! She had created the perfect autumny drink, the Pumpkin Spice Latte, a smooth, warm, full-bodied, brew. The success was such, that she went on to become a proclaimed self-made woman by creating her own, under-the-sea, coffee empire, Starbucks. Literally, a bet from the stars, worth a thousand bucks. To this day, when the cold hits the shore, one might catch the stars twinkling three times and, permeatting the air, a gentle waft... of coffee and spices. . . . @starbucksptg contratem-me para a vossa equipa de marketing 😏 *wink wink* / @starbucks hire me for your marketing team 😏 *wink wink* . . . . # #pt #hireme #storytelling #marketing #coffee #branding #writing #art #Fall #igersportugal #logo #Portugal #food #foodie #comida #foodphotography #mermaid #Lisboa #Lisbon

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