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Practiced (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ Just right when I was down, you guys were showing me supports and love and even fanart (the timing couldnt be more right lol) ✨💃🏽 Aaaah I'm so blessed ✨ seriously, what are you guys?? Angels sent from heaven?? Anyway, thank youu for always being here for me 💕💕✨✨ I'm not mention it, but you know its you I'm talking about 😏✨ lol LOVE YA 💙💙 . . . #gratitude #loveyall #illust #illustration #practice #drawing #digitalart #digitaldrawing #originalcharacter #oc #viasoc #viasoc_twins #mangastyle #mangadrawing #boydrawing #art #artwork

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thank you all for 700 followers!! 💕💕🎉🎉 i know i haven't posted in ages but i'm trying to be more active, so stay tuned - #700followers #thankyouall!! #loveyall

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My #drawing of a #phoenix #🔥 Last day of classes at #MAHS ! I've only been here for nearly 2 years but you guys are so precious to me! 😊 I hope you guys all the best for your #HSC and your future life! #loveyall #TP Message: If you guys fall down, get up and 'revive' like a phoenix! 💓 P/s: I'm so grateful to have you guys as my best friends @agatapiaskowska @prernakumar 😊❤

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Well my beloved friends. I have been to see the doctor today. I will not be coming back to work for some time. I am as you all probably know not feeling so well. I am hoping that I will be better soon so I can be as normal again. Right now however I am not fit for working or doing anything really. I miss you all so very much. My thoughts are with you. You are so important to me. I love you all so much 💋 💋 💋 #feelings #shaking #thinking #anxiety #breathe #depression #dealing #hashtag #lovemyfriends #meantheworldtome #love #loveyall #love 💖 💖 💖

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Quite like this pic I'm not gonna lie🤔 wbu? ---- Gonna do imagines on some posts!!! Starting today! This is a chlogan imagine! C-Chloe L-Logan B-Brendan E-Evan J-Jake

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Good morning loves. Speak life into your world. Call out those things that aren't as if they were. Quick note. I'm no guru. On anything. My posts come from what I see on my timeline yes but also from what I experience in my OWN LIFE. Experience, I'm learning is the best teacher. I catch hell and go through things just like anyone else. My current position in my life right now is a perfect example of that very statement. Maaaaaann if you only knew, LOL. But I judge no one. My word are not law unless I'm speaking from the Word. I try my best to follow His moral compass. So feel free to hit me up if I post something you feel you don't agree with. I'm never above reproach and am always open to opinion and dialogs. Ya dig??? Be easy yall 🙋 #IfollowHim #goodmorning #goodmawnin #beeasy #wednesday #wednesdaymotivation #loveyall #letschat #begreat #Godlover #jesusfollower

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🛫at 8pm to 🇺🇸 I've been missing you guys so much, my friends in the U.S. I'm coming and hope to meet you guys soon. 😭Sorry I didn't let you know earlier. I just want to make you guys get surprised 👻 babyish tho #lol 💕 #loveyall

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