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Michael Jackson has always tried to stand up for nature. Many of his songs are so incredibly meaningful and soulful. Earth song is defiantly a powerful and amazing piece Forever a fan of this misunderstood Angel. ♥️ repost @doggone.girl For the short film of Earth Song Michael chose Nick Brandt as director. Brandt recalled “Michael and I instantly got on because we were both kind of outsiders ... we were both kinda prone to fantastical escapism, and obviously interested in the environment and nature”. The filming presented many logistical challenges. It was shot in four different locations: The Amazon forest in Brazil (they have to wait weeks before they could get access to a field were trees were just cut down), Tanzania, Croatia and Warwick, NY. To film the scene where Michael holds onto the trees they had to use multiple air movers while the crew was throwing dust, twigs and leaves in the air. Michael was literally being hammered by debris but he kept performing take after take as the consummate professional that he was. • I mean.. look at this clip. It’s so powerful! • #michaeljackson #michaeljoejackson #michaeljosephjackson #kingofpop #kingofthedancefloor #mj #mjfam #mjfamily #moonwalker #moonwalkers #veganfortheanimals #saveearth #saveoceans #naturelovers #earthsong

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✨MOONWALK STYLE✨ In light of the defamatory remarks of Jake Tapper and Luke Russert's in comparing Michael to Harvey Weinstein, it's time to join as a moonwalker family and stand up for Michael...again! 👊🏼 We are his voice and advocates. This is what our family is all about. 💞 Please google these characters to learn more information and start hash tagging, tweeting, and sharing the ✨TRUTH✨ about Michael. He deserves it! Please visit @mjjjusticeproject for more information and to show them support ❤️ What would Michael say to this? "Oh, boy. Who would I like to slap? 👋🏼Let me see🤔.. [laughs]... I think I'd find one of the tabloid paparazzi and kick his ass, moonwalk style👊🏼✨✨✨✨✨ I'd really like to knock them off one of those little scooters 🏍they ride around on, I really would, knock the cameras right out of their hands.👊🏼 They're so annoying🙄. I'd go for them first, yeah. They drive you nuts. You can't get away from them. It's terrible.” ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ #michaeljackson #mj #mjj #moonwalker #moonwalkers #kingofpop #applehead #michaeljoejackson #michaeljosephjackson #mjfamily #mjfan #mjfam #mj #mjfacts #justiceformj #michaeljacksonfacts #michaeljacksonfan #tabloidtrash #kickass #moonwalkstyle

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I can’t tell if I love or hate the moments where I’ve become so involved with Michael that for a few minutes I forget that he’s gone. For a few minutes it feels casual, like he’s still here. Like he’s just drinking orange juice reading a book in his pajamas in his LA home at that very moment. I get the feeling I could go buy a ticket and see him live. That everything is okay. And these moments are peaceful, but it only lasts for a few minutes. And then I remember that he’s gone. That he’s been gone for so long. And then it all comes kind of crashing down again... and then I just get really sad. Knowing that he’s never coming back is so hard. In 30 years he will still be gone. In 60 years he will still be gone. When I am 50, I will remember him passing when I was so young, and it will feel like a million lifetimes have passed. I will never see him. Ever. And the pain of knowing this is harder than any emotional and physical pain I’ve ever experienced. I’m never going to not miss him💔 #mj #michaeljackson #michaeljosephjackson #king #kingofpop #maninthemirror #moonwalker #dancer #singer #saveneverland #artist #song #moonwalk #billiejean #bad #jam #dangerous #invincible #humanity #love #imissyou #iloveyou #kingofmusic #applehead

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2300 Jackson Street - 1989. ✨ - His side profile. 😍 I wish we had a better quality video for the 2300 Jackson Street video. It’s so underrated.

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