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OMG! IM SO SO SORRY GUYS! school has been hell, I’ve broken down like three times and I’m only a freshman! I clearly haven’t been posting as much as I wish too so I need a co-owner! If any of you are interested don’t hesitate to dm me! Thank you all! And again I’m sorry! <33 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• CREDIT (me) ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #peterparker #tomholland #chaoswalking #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #zendaya #MJ #michellejones #nedleeds #jacobbatalon #harrisonosterfield #lauraharrier #lizallen

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I feel like this is my first post of this era or im just fuckin dumb and cant remember anything ?.like while his on stage or preparing for this concert . #mj #michaeljackson #kingofpop

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Let's see how many people can do this🤔 We will be giving out 5 free Jerseys to random commenters Winners will be announced tomorrow!

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Michael Jackson has always tried to stand up for nature. Many of his songs are so incredibly meaningful and soulful. Earth song is defiantly a powerful and amazing piece Forever a fan of this misunderstood Angel. ♥️ Repost @doggone.girl For the short film of Earth Song Michael chose Nick Brandt as director. Brandt recalled “Michael and I instantly got on because we were both kind of outsiders ... we were both kinda prone to fantastical escapism, and obviously interested in the environment and nature”. The filming presented many logistical challenges. It was shot in four different locations: The Amazon forest in Brazil (they have to wait weeks before they could get access to a field were trees were just cut down), Tanzania, Croatia and Warwick, NY. To film the scene where Michael holds onto the trees they had to use multiple air movers while the crew was throwing dust, twigs and leaves in the air. Michael was literally being hammered by debris but he kept performing take after take as the consummate professional that he was. • I mean.. look at this clip. It’s so powerful! • #michaeljackson #michaeljoejackson #michaeljosephjackson #kingofpop #kingofthedancefloor #mj #mjfam #mjfamily #moonwalker #moonwalkers #veganfortheanimals #saveearth #saveoceans #naturelovers #earthsong

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JORDAN-1, The Story Part2: The Origin. Back when the Air Jordan 1 came out in 1985 Nike was still known primarily as a running shoe company. Michael originally wanted to sign with either Converse or adidas both of which he wore during his college days in North Carolina. At first he was really not interested in signing with Nike at all. But Converse declined and according to a Wall Street Journal article published in 2015 so did Adidas. Michael joined Nike for $2.5 million over 5 years. Just to be on the safe side Nike worked an out-clause into the contract: if Air Jordans didn’t earn Nike $3 million in the first 3 years, or if Jordan didn’t make the NBA All-Star Game in his first three years, Nike could dump him. Of course Jordan was voted into the All-Star Game as a Rookie starter and the shoe made Nike $130 million in 1985 alone. The rest is history. Source: Tag @kaki_now if you have a Jordan-1. Please do share. 😁. Stay tuned for Part 3 of our Jordan story tomorrow. Peace ✌️. #neighborhood #hood #jordan #jordan1 #sneakernews #sneakerporn #sneakers #basketball #legend #history #chicago #red #black #nike #airjordan #complex #hypebeast #highsociety #champion #mj #story #street #fashion #photoshoot #retro #kith #supreme

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