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Human nature short cover 🙌🏼 hope you guys like it 😄💗 @michaeljackson

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Comment from Nicholas Lopez Rocha:

I felt that one glove was cool. Wearing two gloves seemed so ordinary, but a single glove was different and was definitely a look. But I've long believed that thinking too much about your look is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, because an artist should let his style evolve naturally, spontaneously. You can't think about these things; you have to feel your way into them. — Michael Jackson #michaeljackson #michaeljosephjackson #love #forever #mj #mjj #kingofpop #kingofmusic #kingofdance #icon #style #fashionicon #thrillerera #white #glove #handsome #moonwalker #mjfam #mjfan #mjfamily #kingofmyheart #loveofmylife #michaelovelyone #MJWeAreOne

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and we even mock the beat with our mouths if he doesn't sing on a part

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"On the line" has become in one of my favorite songs. When i'm sad or tired of school, i just listen to this song and...i feel inspired by Michael's words. He always knew how to touch our souls with his beautiful songs. i love him. --------------------------------- #michaeljackson #kingofpop #mj #jackson #moonwalker

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okay it’s honestly the scariest thing when you THINK you know somebody a lot, but then one day you see their true colors, and you’re just scared af. like it just happened to me and I don’t know how to feel right now. people are downright evil it’s SCARY

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