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i'll return

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it's been a year since ive met zach for the first time. wow im emo. meeting zach has always been a dream of mine & when i found out i was going to tlg i was so happy. i realized i would be hugging the person who has made me extremely happy for the past 2 years. and then it happened. when i hugged zach i felt like the whole world froze. pure happiness ran through my body. everything i waited for happened now. i actually died seeing him in person and not through a screen. i love that the first thing that happened when i met zach is that he tried to give me slime. it wasn't a hug. i love that it's special and not a lot of people experience it. & me being very shook about it. overall i miss you so much zach. i hope we see each other soon. i love you very very much.🖤 @bruhitszach @yoitszachary #bruhitszach - ac definedselman cc luvly.colorings

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