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Comment from Christina Carrillo:

October 16, 2012 - October 16, 2017 I wouldn’t say it’s been an “easy” 5 years, but it’s been DAMN worth it- especially the moments that remind us of how lucky we are to have one another. Today we celebrated us with an 11am decision to get ready and head to Universal Studios. It was such a beautiful day; short lines, cool rides, & being able to have you next to me for my first time there. I love our spontaneous adventures that fill our lives with so many fond memories. I love you and the life we are creating together and as individuals, filled with so many beautiful souls witnessing our adventure. Happy Anniversary Baby 😘 #ourlovestory #happyanniversary #fiveyearsandcounting #Ateam #universalstudios #mondays #universalstudioshollywood #imperfectlyperfect #mybestfriend #mypartner #myannoyance #mylove #mypatientman #myunicorn #blessed #creatingourempire

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Comment from khairany gusnita:

True friend not only accept who you are, but also help you become who you should be 😍😘 #mypartner

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Comment from Sugarpot:

The person you love should be where you can calm your soul. They should be your safest place to be yourself. - Unknown. This is a long awaited post, one of those where you get to see the force behind me, behind Sugarpot, behind all the beautiful cakes that I get make. This is a post to celebrate the love and support that I'm so blessed and surrounded with. Being a small business the phrase "all hands on deck" is very literal when it comes to us. Being millions of miles away from our family, through time and over the years we have learnt to rely on each other so much, that sometimes we forget how much of an integral part we've become of what we are pouring our hearts into. If you've met us at an expo or during set-up at a venue, then you would have definitely met my better half ( i told you I was blessed didn't i? ) Neil. He's my computer guy, my financial adviser (just between you and me I follow the shoebox book keeping method ....shhhhhh!), my marketing guru, the face of Sugarpot (cause I love back stage more!) and my delivery guy. Being the designated driver for deliveries is stressful (okkkkkk! I admit I'm an awful backseat driver when I'm keeping an 👀 on a tiered cake) and he still keeps calm.But what you may not know is that he is my strongest supporter, an awesome one man audience to my stand-up comedy routines, a fab cook, an amazing dad and a great son to my parents. These last few months have seen me baking up a storm and Mr.Sugarpot has taken the workload of my weekend (all the while woking 9-5 in his corporate life) in his stride. You always remind me how lucky I am to pursue a living that my heart truly loves. For all this and for much much more....thank you Mr.Sugarpot!❤️ #myhero #mybiggestsupporter #mysoulmate #mypartner #thankful #gratitude #sugarpotfamily #sugarpot4me

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Comment from Rocio Beauchamp:

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Comment from Nemoto Yui !!!:

. . . . ※載せ直します⚠︎ . . . October 17 HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUKI !!! . . . 10代最後の年に彼女として 隣にいさせてくれてありがとう。 . いつも私のことを 楽しませてくれてありがとう。 . たくさん素敵な笑顔を 見せてくれてありがとう。 . . そして19年前の10月17日に 生まれてきてくれてありがとう。 . . . 本当に自慢の彼氏です。 今までもこれからも 心から愛してます。 . . . #1017 #yuki #bf #couple #mypartner #luv #happybirthday #19th #birthdaysurprise #instapic #f4f #instagood #instalike #like4like #l4l #載せ直しごめんなさい #🙇‍♀️

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