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Comment from Katia Smits:

3 Hours ago

before this journey, i was a totally different person. i hates myself, was negative and would spend most of my spare time in my room being sad. 😕 until i took a chance on this opportunity i was presented with and i did a complete 180 on my life. i continuously hear from friends and family how i have changed not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. ✨💕 if you are wanting to change your life for whatever reason, and start inspiring others to do the same, hit me up 👇📲 we are going to rock this together !

6 Hours ago

we all have the belly roll. no matter how you look or what body type you have, we all have them. 💕 i have learned to love mine.. because it reminds me of how far i’ve come and all the work i have put in over the past year ☝️💦 yes, i still am not exactly where i want to be, but i am sure as hell closer than i was because i made the decision to get off my ass and start treating my body right ✨ i still have fun, don’t get me wrong. i truly believe balance is important for our bodies as well as our minds. i for one would go crazy if i didn’t have a little treat now and then. 🍫🤦‍♀️ holla at me if this is something you could get on board with. because it’s not a no carb, no sugar, no shit kind of deal. it’s eating real fucking food because believe it or not, your body needs those things 🤔💥 you know where to find me chickas.. i’ll be here 👇📲

10 Hours ago

Comment from CFR73:

11 Hours ago

Comment from C R I S T I N A 🥀:

This. Your body is yours, and no one elses. If you want to cover it, do that. If you want to wear short skirts and low cut tops, don’t you ever feel ashamed. If they can’t keep their fucking hands to themselves that’s on THEM, not on you. We need to start respecting each other based on the fact that we’re human beings, not based on what the fuck we wear in public. I will never apologize for being myself, and neither should you ❤️ #metoo #feminist #quote #wordsofwisdom #selflove #beyou #neverapologize #ibelieveyou

19 Hours ago

Comment from Jen Hamrick:

20 Hours ago

Comment from Abby:

New post is up! Please never allow anyone to make you feel ashamed of your faith or as if you are less than because of it. Christ is our life. Christ is the one true desire of our heart. So don't worry about seeking the praise of those around you. Live for the Lord, and don't feel sorry for one minute.

22 Hours ago