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Comment from Winnie:

'And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow fast in movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with summer.' - F. Scott Fitzgerald 🔐 #summerneverends #melancholia. . . . . . #traveltheworld #lifewelltravelled #dayslikethese #summervibes #endlesssummer #thelittlethings #travel #stayfocused #thankful #beachdays #neverstopexploring #foreverasummerkid #dowhatyoulove #enjoythelittlethings #sunsets #somuchmoretosee #september #letsfaceit #stateofmind #palmtrees #candysky #sunshine #summerstory #giàmanchi #poetinside #forio #ischia

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Comment from Briana Ferguson:

Sometimes it's the people you least expect that will make the most impact on your life. Cherish every moment you have with them. Love them to pieces. And let yourself be loved in return. 😘❤️ #thedaycollector #brianaferguson

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Comment from Tosti:

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Comment from F🌷DA KHALIF📧:

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Comment from Aleksandra:

Деревья, строения и дамы на этом фото заряжены на позитив и теплоту. Вы, конечно, скажите, что "ничего такого, Саш, ты все выдумываешь". А вы присмотритесь. Деревья покрываются золотом и багрянцем, усадебные стены отражает тёплый закатный свет, а одна из дам так весело вертит зонтиком, что становится тепло внутри. . Безынтересный факт номер 4257894212: Размахивание пакетами/зонтиками/букетами при ходьбе даёт мне столько же счастья, сколько и поедание шоколадного торта в Бабетте. А если получается махая, чуть подпрыгивать, или чуть подпрыгивая махать, то это уже тянет на целый торт.

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Comment from Jesika Rose:

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Comment from allison:

for small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.

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Comment from Flavia Iarlori:

I'm back! Put your souls to rest folks, I'm going to bombard Instagram with pictures from #Canada! This is from Two Jack Lake, #Banff national park 🌲 Look at that water, I that real? 💚

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Comment from Josh Wills:

Lost in translation 🇯🇵

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Comment from Anthony Lobianco:

There’s no other person I’d rather spend my birthday and travel the world with than this girl right here. She made my 29th birthday one that I’ll never forget, including a special dinner in front of the Parthenon, waking me up with birthday hats and party favors, and bringing a card all the way from home that was “signed” by @themarsbars_ 😆 ok, we’ve gotten on each other’s nerves _once_ so far - but after almost a solid week of 100% nonstop time together, that’s an incredible ratio of good times in my opinion. She’s a special girl, and definitely my #wcw

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Comment from Jesse Selwyn:

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Um Castelo peculiar. Digno de fidalguia...

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