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Comment from Alessandra Carafa:

Quando guardi l'orizzonte da una prospettiva diversa, con occhi nuovi,tutto sembra fantastico e non puoi far altro che pensare...WAGLIU FA NU CAZZ E FRIDD! #day27

3 Minutes ago
3 Minutes ago

Comment from Ankit Agarwal:

The city tour we were given was bad, really bad. I don’t even remember the names of half of the places we visited that day. Just kidding, but the tour was bad. . All I remember is that we took cliché photos here, saw INA memorial and Singapore’s Supreme Court before this, and on the ground in front of the court, some kids were playing cricket. . Also, we had pathetic ice cream on our way to the Orchard Road. Ah, and I met a bunch of Filipinos who were blaming capitalism for everything. ____ . Since @manyubaghel taught me how to post panoramas on Instagram, I won’t let this picture sit idle in my camera roll.

4 Minutes ago