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So I've been looking through my old pictures and I found this old one of a bombfire I had with some of my closest friends a few years back, I know the quality isn't great because it was taken on my first iphone but for some odd reason I really like it, (maybe the good company I assosiate it with) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #trashpandaphotos #photography #pictureoftheday #picoftheday #apple #iphone #sd #sandiego #california #californialove #adventure #fun #relax #friends #fire #elements #rock #summer #smores #zen #colorsplash #adobe #lightroom #colors

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Comment from Nito Anderson:

Walked around the Waterfront and Downtown Louisville area on my off day today. Drove past the skate park early around 1000hr and noticed it was empty, because, you know, anyone that skates or rides BMX isn't going to be awake even this late in the morning. It looks a lot nicer, and different, from the last time I used to visit and skate here over a decade-and-a-half ago. The were only 3 people there when I walked over for pictures, including this guy and his dog. He's probably older than I am, old enough to probably be a 1970s-era skater. Makes me wonder why I wasted my money building a deck last year, wanting to get back into skating, when I haven't even rode it yet. If this dude can still skate, so can I; if that dog can keep up with him, so can I. I need to step it up. #nikond3400 #photography #skateboarding #dog #skatepark #louisvilleskatepark

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A bike ride along the shore includes a walk though of the train/metro station.

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