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Comment from Mark Hinchliffe:

Will you Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Week Australia October 8-15? Why are #motorcycle shops facing hard times? Where will #police be out in force this weekend? Why are the #helmet visor laws absurd? Can you fall asleep on a bike? Get all your motorcycle news with your free weekly newsletter: Click here to subscribe and never miss out:

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Comment from Tom Van:

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repost via @instarepost20 from @animalsfeellove #Repost @erindogovich A high kill shelter is no place for this sweet frosty face senior. Nobody has shown any interest in him since he arrived. He was left in a hallway for 2 weeks until someone called the #police and had him dropped off at the shelter. He was #abandoned by probably the only #family he has ever known. BIGGIE - #A1121636 - #Brooklyn - Publicly Adoptable TO BE DESTROYED 08/22/17: ****CAN BE PUBLICLY ADOPTED**** A volunteer writes: Biggie is SUCH a sweet old man! He’s long overdue for a visit to the dentist (maybe he got so sweet by eating sweets his whole life?!), but otherwise seems to be in good shape. One thing’s for sure, his #spirit is still young and he’s full of character and charm! He is easy to walk on leash, seems housebroken, and loves treats (as long as they’re the kind his teeth can handle….soft or itty bitty!). He likes to talk to dogs we pass on the street, but I’m not sure that he’s saying anything mean. He knows “sit” and “down” and the latter never fails to quickly turn into “roll over”: Biggie loooves belly rubs! He nuzzles his head into me, will put his paw over my hand, and when I encourage him to get up he exposes more of his belly, bats his paws at me, and #wags his tail. He’s going to make someone super happy…please come meet him at #Brooklyn ACC and see if that might be you! CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL INFO/PHOTOS/VIDEOS & STATUS:  #instarepost20

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Lifting weights and prepping plates. A simple penne pasta with ground beef and vegetables.

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