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from @supermansempire - ☀️HOPE☀️ • Superman goes to Dr. Fate to ask for his assistance, this is Dr. Fate’s response Dr. Fate: This is my domain now, the metaphysical realm, I’ve moved beyond good and evil. Superman: But there are people trapped...! Dr. Fate: I’m sorry, I truly am. Superman, you and I are alike you know, we are masters of our destiny, don’t waste your life In endless battle as I did, not when the universe beckons! Superman: You’re wrong Fate, we’re nothing alike • Later on, Dr. Fate thinks about Superman and what he stands for and changes his mind. He suits up and goes to assist Superman. After they have a conversation Superman: What made you change your mind? Dr. Fate: You. Superman: Something I said? Dr. Fate: Something you did. You went back. You didn’t stand a change but you went back. Till then I thought that it was only the forces of evil that wouldn’t give up... I was wrong • Superman made Dr. Fate realize that there is such a thing as good in this world and despite evil seeming invincible, in the end, fighting for good is a battle worth fighting for 🌎 Dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us. And on my soul, I swear until my dream of a world where dignity, honor, and justice becomes the reality we all share. I’ll never stop fighting. Ever - Superman 🌎 Original Art By: Michael Straczynski _________________________________________ #motivation #quote #inspiration #hope #kalel #superman #nevergiveup #superhero #keepgoing #dc #dccomics #decu #hero #manofsteel #supermanfan #henrycavill #lifelessons #clarkkent #quotes #christopherreeve #strong #respect #kryptonite #instacomics #dcheroes #believe #teamsuperman #krypton #dawnofjustice #imagine

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To A Girl I Haven’t Met is available now through the link in my bio. If you’ve read it please leave a review on Amazon to help more searching souls find it :) • #zackgrey #book #bookstagram

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You Take Care Of MY GIRL

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