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Fall has made it into the kitchen! 🍂🍁🥕 All organic and local grown beets, carrots and sweet potato with some of this year's abundance of homegrown grapes 🍇❤ . . . Today's WO: #TIUBootycall was another roomie workout! We did the #coreonthefloor workout together! 💃 - swipe left to see us in action (and to see us struggle trying to synchronize our #plankjacks 😂) next up was the #tiu21 reps and 3 circuits of #tiudailymoves 💪 . . . Doing my best to keep on track nutrition wise! Love my prepped M1 and M2's this week! I'm having different kinds of #ONOs #snickerdoodle muffins and #pickmeupchiapudding with cocoa nibs 💙 Every day those meals become little presents. With love for my body I made them and with love for my body I choose them over less healthy and perhaps more tempting options. . . . That time spent prepping in the kitchen is a loving gift. From you to yourself - to your body and mind. And then that is some of the beauty of life! 🦋 #treatyourself #goodnutrition #givelove #receivelove

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Thank God It's Monday!!!! GRATITUDE AND AFFIRMATIONS ALL DAY TODAY! 💜 I am Alive! I am Alert! I Feel Great!!! I am LOVE, I am Grateful, I am Confident, I am Blessed, I am Powerful, I am a Leader, I am Strong, I am Happy, I am Peace, I am Calm, I am Beautiful, I am Excited, I am Joyous, I am Kind! ------------------------------------------------- #grateful #TGIM #Blessed #getuncomfortablesquad #getfit #gethealthier #onepercentbettereveryday #positivevibes #affirmations #belove #givelove #receivelove #behappy

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Yes, in fact, I am constantly honored and awed and in gratitude for the life that chose me. How can I not see beauty in this thing when all I receive is beauty in this thing? 🌸 S/o to @kristaliayarie for the lesson on facial steams and to Texas for it's abundant wildflowers and unyielding wildness

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The final day of #AutumnAffirmations 🍂 A balance pose; #flyinggrasshopper 🌿💪🏼 • I am worthy of the most genuine love from others AND myself. My body is inhabited by a beautiful, wandering soul and deserves happiness just as everyone else does. Don't accept what's "good enough"; you are the guardian of your own galaxy, and should be treated as such, nothing less. #givelove, #receivelove • Hosts: 🎃 @yogajosey 🍁 @mindyournanners • Sponsors: 🌼 @the.happyproject 🍂 @mamaszen 🍄 @re3life • • PC: @halllieparker 🌸🌜 • Wearing my @wolventhreads at @wanderlustfest 🌀

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Insta retreat day 14💖 First thing this morning I went for a run in the park. Smelling this cool fresh air filling up my lungs my whole body. Stopped and stood there to soak in the sun rays ☀️then hugging my tree to connect more with nature. I'm so humbled and grateful by Mother Earth 🌏 there is so much beauty right in front our doors. Let's go out and embrace our planet giving back love and healing 🍀🙏🏽💞🌺🌈🐬🦋🌟☀️ #soulbizstar #soulbizsisters #instaretreat #motherearth #healinglove #givelove #receivelove #nature #sunshine #bluesky #bavariasky

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