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The cold and flu season is a big concern for most of us! Got kids that go to school, for example? Then you know it well... Runny noses, excessive coughing, fevers and interrupted schedules to take care of it all! What if you could take your 'super parent' status to the next level by addressing simple body fixes so that you can minimize or even eliminate the chances of catching these bugs? You'd want to know how to do that, right? Join Wes, Louise, Krista and I as we show you the world of muscle-testing, stress, supplements, digestion and mental/emotional factors when addressing your mind-body health. Each participant will receive knowledge and tools to help identify body breakdowns, as well as points how to fix them. The cost for the evening is $20, with all proceeds going to HALO, a rescue team that transports critical patients for life-saving treatment. Attendance confirmation is preferred. #medicinehat #halo #safetybuzz #kinesiology #digestion #muscletesting #stressrelief #setforsuccess #coldandflu #season

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🌻‘Tis the season🎃

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