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Comment from Jo Cauldrick:

I spent hours outside automatic writing, meditating and writing 3 guided meditations for my #bigmoneymagic group program. . I was mindful of what I could and couldn't fit in today. . I also watched this documentary by 👉 @therealityoftruth which gave me much food for thought. . How are you enjoying your Sunday? . . . .

5 Minutes ago

Comment from Wes Pinkston:

Man is but a reed, the most feeble thing in nature, but he is a thinking reed ✨ Pascal

11 Minutes ago

Comment from Brian Weber:

No matter how good of a forecaster or analyst someone claims to be, there's no guarantee that what they say will happen in the future. There are just simply too many variables in the market, and forecasters tend to be biased most of the time #warrenbuffet

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Comment from Josh:

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Comment from proactivelifeskills:

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Comment from Silvia Martin:

Different people live inside ourselves. The wise one. The fool one. The defeating one. We can choose at every moment who we want to listen to. "You can't" Is just words. It doesn't mean more than that. We can always change words.

18 Minutes ago

What ever it is.... Just do it. DO it and do it and do it! -A.L. Williams

20 Minutes ago

Comment from Kali:

After this past week? Necessary. You feel me?

21 Minutes ago

Comment from Wes Pinkston:


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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest 💡📚 Like - Share - Comment Follow us @successtrack Dm for credit

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Comment from Wes Pinkston:

❤️👽✨ Try it

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Comment from Rich Alexander:

The transition from it making sense to making cents.

27 Minutes ago

Comment from Cultivate Curiosity:

When things feel messy I scribble. Scribbling helps to release frustration, confusion, and calms my nervous system. I'm beyond grateful that I have a scribbling partner in my son right now. What activity do you do to release the feels?

28 Minutes ago