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"Let's drink together"... i just want to go inside and hug this cuttie! • It would be amazing if people realized that BEING NICE IS WAY EASIER THAN BEING MEAN, and it deffinitely makes you feel better about yourself • Everyone likes to feel loved • Little acts of kindness and pretty words take no effort and they can really have a big impact on people's lives... believe me, a simple smile from a stranger can make someone's day much much brighter... i've been there, i've felt that • SO NEXT TIME YOU GO OUT, SMILE AND MAKE SOMEONE'S LIFE BETTER• Meanwhile? i will be hanging out with this cuttie here♡ . . . #kindness #lets #love #letsbekind #smile #benice #showlove #getlove #hug #laugh #makenewfriends #feelgood #begrateful . #teddybear #cute #cuttie #letsdrink #beautiful #coffeeshop #good #marketing . #seoul #korea #서울 . #귀업다 #태디베어 #사랑 #친절 #행복 #스마일

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Me having dinner on YouTube live with y’all grandson calls y’all “granny’s friends in the phone ..right there in that hole :) “ he is pointing to the camera hole 😊 Come closer ...let me love you till you learn to love yourself #TANNYRAW YouTube #ILoveYall 🍃🦋🍃

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WHY SHOULD I ATTEND? Like anything in life, the basics of following christ can sometimes bebome so routine that we forget how important they actually are. We find ourselves asking questions like, "Why should I even tithe in the first place?" This plan helps to emphasize the 'why' behind the 'what' of following Christ in a local church. This week we'll beging by looking at answering the question, "Why should I attend church (more than 1-2x a month)?" The truth is that even on weeks when we're not volunteering at church, we play a crucial role... [Continue reading via Reading Plan (This is why: we attend) on the Majestic Church BNE app] // Plan by Journey Church. // Taken from the Bible app.

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