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You want it darker: Portraits in the time of an eclipse. . A series of 21 images taken in Washington DC, on the 21st of August 2017, through the unusual light of a partial solar eclipse: a metaphor. A way to reflect on the dark shadow looming over the United States of America during the Trump age. . "I'm staring at the sun Not the only one Who's happy to go blind" Staring at the Sun - U2 . In August 2017, USA were crossed, west to east, by a #solareclipse. I happened to be in #WashingtonDC on that day. Despite the #moon did not obscure the #sun in full, there, crowds gathered to watch the show. In the #penumbra of a #partial #eclipse the #sky becomes #darker, but not very dark; the temperature drops, but not very much; the sun feels slightly different but is still there up in the sky, bright and warm. The #light is different, though and if photography is writing with , I took the chance to take some #portraits under these #unusual conditions. Viewers must observe an eclipse only through special #glasses, to avoid permanent damage to #sight. The people #staringatthesun, #blinded by dark lenses, cannot see anything else around them but a slice of sun covered by the moon paying a visit. . During the eclipse, it was as the entire population went #blind. Similarly, during the #Trump era, it looks like the entire country has gone blind. . In the city that hosts the #President, this exceptional, #imperfect #event of the #eclipse2017 became a perfect #metaphor for the political situation. While the moon approached and cast a shadow onto the sun, I saw layers of meaning piling up onto the faces of #observers, lit by a weakened light on a darker background. It lasted only a few #minutes before the moon moved out and our star came back to #shine. Trump shadow will last a limited time, before his #darkshadow moves out and the world will shine again. . "How could something so fair Be so cruel When this black sun revolved Around you" #BlackSun - Death Cab For Cuties

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