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ddlovato: SO excited to perform at the @mtvema’s this year!! See you guys on Nov 12th!! P.S. - Voting is still open! #MTVEMA

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Sizce en duygusal şarkı hangisi? 🙂 @ddlovato

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These were pictures clicked during the "gay pride party" at Mike Bayer's house and in the documentary, Demi tells that she met Wilmer 6 months after their break up at this party. And the moment she saw him, HER HEART ACHED. She said that she has never loved anyone like she loved Wilmer, and like she still loves Wilmer. Wilmer will always have a peice of her heart with him and honestly, to see her talk and cry about her break up with Wilmer hurts so much. They never fell out of love but they decided it's better that they remain friends in order to conquer many remaining parts of their lives that they hadn't explored yet. You'd think I would watch her talk all this and not cry like a baby but I did. I really did. I've always loved Dilmer. Demi and Wilmer have been, are and will always remain the living proof that loves exists. Wilmer stuck by Demi's side through her thick and thin, for better and for worse. Demi loved him way too much and still loves him so much. They still take care of each other and tgese pictures made me cry. Like a freaking baby. Just look at him kissing Demi and holding her head and just making her feel like she's safe in her arms. And just look at Demi kissing him goodbye/hello and just hugging him as if she's surrendering to him. Her eyes are shut and I bet she feels safe AF. I can't help but not stop loving them. I just can't. If they don't get back together in the future and get married and have kids, I will lose all faith in love because they are MEANT TO BE. AS SIMPLE AS THAT! @ddlovato @devonnebydemi #DemiLovato #Demi #DDLovato #Lovatics #TheDDLovato #SorryNotSorry #TellMeYouLoveMe #SexyDirtyLove #DaddyIssues #RuinTheFriendship #OnlyForever #Lonely #CryBaby #Games #Concentrate #Hitchhiker #Instruction #YouDontDoItForMeAnymore #NoPromises #TMYLM #BuyTMYLM #Hollywood }

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#TheIdolChallenge DAY 6 : IDOL IN BLACK ❤ First of all, let's just appreciate the fact that DEMI LOVATO EXISTS and how beautifully does she exist along with slaying the hell out of my existence!!!🙌 Also, this picture is from her photoshoot for #SimplyComplicated 😍❤And boy does she look hot AF!? I'm so incredibly proud of her and her journey. She has grown and matured in the most beautiful manner and she decided to share her struggles. Not once but twice. She could have not done it the second time and let people think that she was fine ever since she came out of rehab but she chose to share her recovery process. My love and respect for her has grown so much. My idol is THE BEST and I feel blessed AF to have her as my idol, my everything. I love you so much Demi. So darn much. Thank you for inspiring me always. I love you❤ { @ddlovato @devonnebydemi #DemiLovato #Demi #DDLovato #Lovatics #TheDDLovato #SorryNotSorry #TellMeYouLoveMe #SexyDirtyLove #DaddyIssues #RuinTheFriendship #OnlyForever #Lonely #CryBaby #Games #Concentrate #Hitchhiker #Instruction #YouDontDoItForMeAnymore #NoPromises #TMYLM #BuyTMYLM #Hollywood }

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