Girl in distress🌹🔪

Girl in distress🌹🔪


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I like your indirect. New time, put in your fucking ass.

45 Minutes ago

I can taste your skin in my teeth

9 Days ago

But we could be together...if you wanted to🌺

10 Days ago

Tú podrías ser la única que me hace sentir algo☔

32 Days ago

Podría mostrarte cosas increíbles, besos robados y mentiras bonitas💿

35 Days ago

K i s s e r🌹

39 Days ago

Ice in the eyes, fire in the soul🌷

40 Days ago

🌹Magia es que conectar con alguien te haga desconectarte de todo

47 Days ago

🌺 I d o n 't f u c k i n g c a r e

48 Days ago
140 Days ago


222 Days ago


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269 Days ago