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Meal prep is 🔑

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I Need to get right - Follow me @the93virgo. New Music otw 🌊🌊🌊

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Comment from Ms Cleopatra:

Tender and seasoned

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Thanks for making these past two days a blast cutie. 😘🌸💕

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When your newborn photos are filled with soul, your brand should be, too. @hellolittle.theresa.erin's logo was a crowd favorite from 2017 and a personal favorite as well. *** This afternoon I'm huddling inside and trying not to freeze and stress myself out too much. Life threw some unexpected things at me this morning and instead of starting my work day at 11, I started it at 3. So it goes some days. *** I love branding, but on days like today that feel rotten and over before they even start, it can be a struggle to want to do anything. So I give myself little incentives to get work done. Like as soon as I send some drafts off to a client, I'm going to brew a big mug of @vigilantecoffee and watch the new Fixer Upper I missed last night...and I'm going to leave my phone in another room so no one can reach me! It's the little things 😌

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Comment from B. Jane:

Soldiering through with my edits, I found a poignant few lines that really resonate with me, so I thought I’d share ☺️ “Nicer people do not suffer because they are nice, but being nice often means you feel things a little more deeply than others” #bjane #writer

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